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  1. Moondog

    Greatest halfbacks

    Matt Logue, The Daily Telegraph April 16, Warning: this bloke reckons Kimmorley is number 8 and DCE "Is still in the infancy of his career" at number 18 1 Andrew Johns: The most complete halfback the game has ever seen. Two premierships, three Dally Ms, two Golden Boots, Immortal status and...
  2. Moondog


    Manly Sea Eagles in partnership talks with New York rugby league team Dean Ritchie, The Daily Telegraph March 13, 2020 6:00am The Daily Telegraph can reveal Manly’s plans for an alliance with the new New York rugby league team. Sea Eagles majority shareholder and chairman Scott Penn has held...
  3. Moondog

    RIP Max Von Sydow

    I remember seeing Steppenwolf at the old Valhalla Cinema. Still my favourite Von Sydow movie...
  4. Moondog

    Daly gives up the grog (for now)

    I hope this doesn't affect his sidestep... "In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Cherry-Evans said schooners of beer have been decreased significantly along with Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream tubs, a favourite post-dinner snack he would devour five times a week. “I wanted to make sure when I...
  5. Moondog

    South Sydney Demands....

    NRL to tackle ‘the wrestle’ on back of South Sydney demands Brent Read, The Australian February 27, 2020 6:00am South Sydney officials descended on Rugby League Central late last year armed with a dossier of evidence, a series of recommendations and a fierce determination to rid the game of...
  6. Moondog

    Return of The Galloping Goose

    Former NRL boss David Gallop linked with rugby league return Michael Carayannis, The Sunday Telegraph December 7, 2019 4:37pm Former NRL chief executive David Gallop has emerged as a potential candidate to join the ARLC as clubs work through potential candidates. The Sunday Telegraph has...
  7. Moondog

    The Devolution of the Sloth

    One ****ing thought in 40 years.... Manly hatred still burns for legend Magpie Bruce ‘The Sloth’ Gibbs DEAN RITCHIE, Oberon, The Daily Telegraph November 18, 2019 7:33am Forty-years on and hate for the Silvertail Sea Eagles refuses to die for fiery Fibro Bruce ‘The Sloth’ Gibbs. The Daily...
  8. Moondog

    Gorden Tallis has the solution for players who break contracts like Gorden Tallis

    Paul Crawley, The Daily Telegraph November 11, 2019 9:21pm Fed up with rugby league’s growing lack of loyalty, Gorden Tallis has a simple get-tough solution to make sure the Ryan Matterson contract fiasco never happens again. And all it requires is some strong leadership. A man who proved a...
  9. Moondog

    Evil Gladys torpedoes Todds plan to save suburban grounds

    A secret bid to dump the redevelopment of ANZ stadium and build three suburban mini-stadiums instead has been torpedoed by NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian. The Sunday Telegraph can reveal a plan was put to a high-ranking government minister three weeks ago to deliver stunning state of the art...
  10. Moondog

    Best Captain

    The experts on NRL.com have picked the best captain in the NRL and you guessed it, it's CAMERON SMITH.....................well you're wrong, the majority have actually picked that dark horse DCE as the best NRL club captain, so there...
  11. Moondog

    Des and the Penns

    The story of how Manly brought Des Hasler home to Brookvale David Riccio, Chief Sports Writer, The Sunday Telegraph 31 minutes ago In his spacious first floor office on Walker Street in North Sydney, Scott Penn’s mobile phone buzzed with a voicemail alert. It was the last day of August, 2018...
  12. Moondog

    Breaking News NRL referees are Crap

    NRL doesn’t have enough referees to sack the poor ones Fatima Kdouh, The Daily Telegraph 10 minutes ago A fed-up Graham Annesley has admitted the quality of refereeing in the NRL is not up to standard but there isn’t enough experience in the ranks to replace underperforming officials. In his...
  13. Moondog

    Fatty says Tom will be best ever

    Sea Eagles legend Paul Vautin backs Tom Trbojevic to become Manly’s greatest ever player DAVID RICCIO, CHIEF SPORTS WRITER, The Daily Telegraph 10 minutes ago Subscriber only HEAD KNOCK: The concussion Soward can’t forget VICTORY: Can Freddy inspire the Blues again? Paul Vautin, a member of...
  14. Moondog

    How I’ll whip NRL into shape: Peter Beattie

    Great news, Peter Beattie says he won't be here for long. Now if we could only get a similar commitment from Greenberg........ PETER Beattie has set a clear path for rugby league after overseeing his first full season in charge of the ARL Commission. From expansion to revamping punishments for...
  15. Moondog

    Blake Green could be buy of the year

    https://www.nrl.com/news/2018/01/08/new-zealand-warriors-recruit-blake-green-could-be-buy-of-the-year-jamie-soward/ He could be the buy of the year but I doubt it.
  16. Moondog

    Bets partially accepted

    How come when you really give these bastards a bath online and you lay down a big bet it comes up bet partially accepted. What a ****ing rort.
  17. Moondog

    Cameron Cullen

    Some bloke on facebook reckons he's been released......run free young Cameron.....
  18. Moondog

    Succesful Season?

    I'm pretty emotional and really pissed and pissed off at the moment but looking at the season as a whole I reckon we did ok. I'm talking about Manly not the NRL who are corrupt as **** or the slimey mass media or the bunker from hell but I thought our blokes are going ok...if we can play twice...
  19. Moondog


  20. Moondog

    RIP Bernard Farrelly


2020 Ladder

Team P W D L PD Pts
1 Eels 8 7 0 1 108 14
2 Panthers 8 6 1 1 52 13
3 Roosters 9 6 0 3 156 12
4 Storm 8 6 0 2 67 12
5 Knights 8 5 1 2 51 11
6 Raiders 8 5 0 3 37 10
7 Sharks 8 4 0 4 28 8
8 Tigers 8 4 0 4 28 8
9 Rabbitohs 8 4 0 4 26 8
10 Sea Eagles 8 4 0 4 0 8
11 Cowboys 9 3 0 6 -58 6
12 Warriors 8 3 0 5 -93 6
13 Dragons 8 2 0 6 -46 4
14 Broncos 8 2 0 6 -127 4
15 Titans 8 2 0 6 -127 4
16 Bulldogs 8 1 0 7 -102 2
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