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  1. Thehill

    The Crowd for Brookie (Lottoland) this Sunday v’s Parra?

    For those going to the game looks like we might be missing a scoreboard
  2. Thehill

    Zorba dumped

    Hopefully he'll just be used as a 'consultant', only used when we need a fluff piece from Dean Ritchie.
  3. Thehill

    Penn State sacks another one.

    I would think that it would be standard practice to tell assistant coaches etc. that they're not required in August/September to allow them to seek future employment? I don't think there's any great conspiracy here. Worth remembering that while everything Ritchie writes comes from the pro-Penn...
  4. Thehill

    Tim Moltzen Signs for 2016

    I would personally prefer to see manly announce that a player is leaving than a rival club out out a press release gloating about the fact that they've signed them. Each to their own I guess.
  5. Thehill

    Tim Moltzen Signs for 2016

    I get the feeling we haven't announced those players out of respect to the club they're currently playing for, which i don't have a problem with at all. Given Moltzen hasn't played first grade for a couple of years, I think it's a slightly different scenario.
  6. Thehill

    The Screaming Eagles podcast now on Silvertails

    Just listened to the Mark Bryant episode...great stuff. Some interesting insights from him into the club's 're-birthing' period after the Northern Eagles. Great to hear how passionate he is about the club.
  7. Thehill

    Attn: "Snakes alive" sign

    Are you guys seriously bullying a twenty-something year old girl for switching footy teams? Grow up.
  8. Thehill

    $1.5m loss - beat up

    https://au.sports.yahoo.com/league/a/27695962/the-7th-tackle-with-josh-massoud-and-jim-wilson/ Above is a story on manly heading for a $1.5 million loss this year. If there has been money spent on front office staff, high performance staff, new equipment and management, how is this a story...
  9. Thehill


    The thing that makes me think he's more than likely to leave is the supposed phone call he made to Rebecca Frizelle saying he'd honour the contract. His reputation has taken a battering, I don't think he would risk it declining even further by re-iterating that he will honour it and then...
  10. Thehill

    Where to from here...

    Sorry if this has already been asked, but has anyone seen much of our 20's halves, Travers and Pearsall? If so, thoughts?
  11. Thehill

    Josh Massoud tweeted recruitment news?

    Hmmmm... pete badel ‏@badel_cmail 4m4 minutes ago Breaking: kane elgey rejects manly to stay at the titans. Good news for gold coast fans
  12. Thehill

    New Media Manager

    Why would we expect to hear from the media manager? His job is to liaise with the media, not fans.
  13. Thehill

    Brett Stewart

    What did he do at the end of the player circle?
  14. Thehill

    When is a "club"not a "club"

    I'm mainly baffled by claims that the Penn's are in this for the money. You don't invest in rugby league clubs to make money, power and ego maybe, but not money. There are a million other investment classes that provide a much greater and more secure ROI than a football club.
  15. Thehill

    Foran to sign with Eels - announcement imminent

    I don't understand how stereotyping a generation based on the year they were born as any less offensive than generalising according to race or religion. i.e saying anyone born in a time certain period is disloyal is exactly the same as saying all aborigines are X and all Muslims are Y is it not?
  16. Thehill

    Gutherson named at centre

    I don't think you can judge Gutho's defence as a long term issue...he is still growing and hasn't been hardened up by first grade yet. Hiku's defence is slightly more concerning, although he showed some improvement playing for the kiwis over the off season.
  17. Thehill

    Gutherson named at centre

    I have big concerns over that defensive pairing...
  18. Thehill

    The Kieran Forum

    My thoughts exactly...although Manly's board has behaved very strangely at times over the past decade.
  19. Thehill

    The Kieran Forum

    This is true...but it wouldn't surprise me if circumstances are actually changing on a regular basis as part of negotiations - assuming the 'he signed with Parra months ago' theory is incorrect.
  20. Thehill

    The Kieran Forum

    That contradicts what The Mole has said today...so once again - who knows! The Mole ‏@RLW_Mole 1h1 hour ago @Curtis565Curtis Seeing u ask... HUGE chance Foran will now STAY at @SeaEagles
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