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  1. Snake

    Another Manly fan gone

    Condolences. Mothers are the most precious things in the world. A day at a time mate!
  2. Snake

    They will HATE us more very SOON...

    I was going off the Rothtool figures that he quoted in the papers. I laughed so hard when he claimed Crichton was on a 'modest' contract. They fought tooth and nail to get him from Souths and paid through the nose to get him.
  3. Snake

    Did you know that we almost signed Todd Carney?

    I am glad it fell through because we unearthed Foran and won the 2011 GF.
  4. Snake

    They will HATE us more very SOON...

    Remember when the NRL would not allow Glenn Stewart to sign a 350k contract with Manly because it was below his market value? He was then forced to leave for Souths. There was an article last week by Slothfield claiming that Latrell Mitchell was on 650k, Crichton on 600k and Tedesco on 900k...
  5. Snake

    Congratulations Roosters

    I cannot stomach the Trent Robinson genius garbage that is being trotted out. If ever a coach was a success due to the crop of players at his disposal, it is this guy. Sure, he is probably a fairly decent coach but there is no way he wins 3 competitions from 7 attempts with the Titans roster. In...
  6. Snake

    Des back at work.

    Going nowhere...never in doubt.
  7. Snake

    Des back at work.

    His pet play is to skip shoulders, dip in to the line and get a one handed offload away. He is an edge forward every day of the week.
  8. Snake

    Viking clap, Pittsburgh towels, Brookie ....???

    It would be pretty cool to the entire crowd at Brookie flapping their arms up and down and make the "cooing" sound of a Sea Eagle. It's free, it's loud and would look visually spectacular.
  9. Snake

    Des back at work.

    I hope he does play 5/8 so you can get it out of your system once and for all.
  10. Snake

    Nick and the Sombrero

    A ridiculous article in the Telecrap today by Rothtool. He was banging on about how the Roosters simply develop the best players and established first graders are willing to take 'unders' to play at the Chooks. Does he know that these 'developed' players were stolen from other junior nurseries...
  11. Snake

    Des back at work.

    Quite right... He is already practically the same size as Ryan Matterson (who played 6 for the Chooks when there were injuries). If you have a look at the 16 teams, not one of them is carrying a 6 that resembles anything similar to Schuster. The irony is he is actually wasted at 6 because he is...
  12. Snake

    2020 recruits (just dreaming)

    You are 100% right about not needing Tetavano but he is a quality bench prop. He is not unwanted by the Chooks, his stocks have risen and he can demand more dollars. If he was no good, they wouldn't be playing him in the GF and they certainly wouldn't have signed him in the first place because...
  13. Snake

    2020 recruits (just dreaming)

    Gone to Rugby
  14. Snake

    Des back at work.

    He is not a 6. There was a lot of uproar around playing him at 6 in the lower grades because it wasn't the best thing for his long term development. He is a freakish talent so you could play him anywhere in juniors and it would work but he will be an edge forward who may play a bit of centre...
  15. Snake

    No 1 rule change 2020

    If the NRL are serious about fixing the mess they are in, more rule changes is not the answer...rule changes are how we have gotten into this mess in the first place. Weak leadership has seen knee jerk reaction after knee jerk reaction whereby the game is constantly chasing its tail. The media...
  16. Snake

    SEA EAGLES 2020......

    I'm hearing Simona is 1000/1 to be registered for next year so count him out. Albert Hoppa is coming off 2 ACL injuries so I wouldn't be pinning too much of our hopes on him. He may come good, but even so, it will be a long journey back to be ready for FG. We will have an almost identical...
  17. Snake

    VERY interesting

    Haha you’re a classic. Given your unprovoked carrying on, others could be forgiven for thinking I turned you down for a quickie one night. Emotional cripple u r.
  18. Snake

    VERY interesting

    Hoppa is seen as an option on the wing or at centre for next year. A lot is obviously going to depend on how he comes back from his ACL as to when that happens. Before Ramien priced himself out of our reach, it was looking like Parker could end up at Tigers so that spot will be hotly contested...
  19. Snake

    VERY interesting

    THommo on one year deal and Walker to stay. Lloyd Perrett will more than likely go and he was on more than he should have been. We will have almost an identical team next year. Musgrove coming as a centre not a winger though...Parker will have his work cut out.
  20. Snake

    VERY interesting

    You are right about this being very interesting...very interesting indeed considering: Schuster had four clubs after him...but will stay. Sione wasn’t even off contract Barrett never tossed Wright up as a lock and Des never wanted to keep him. He got rid of Kelly to help get us under the cap...
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