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  1. rifraff

    Fun Idea, Virtual Fantasy NRL

    Can't we all just play ET's Rugby League in KB cup style.
  2. rifraff

    Taupau embracing time away from game

    Our Marty is a good man. One of the best.
  3. rifraff

    Coronavirus.. has killed the nrl!

    Of course we don't believe in the USA. They are betting their future on a Shyster not a Schuster.
  4. rifraff

    New Zealand PM's leadership

    Behind every strong woman, there is an even stronger man. That's how the saying goes isn't it?
  5. rifraff

    Other games round 1 discussion

    John has a great family there.. I just wish he would get over the whole finger up the arse thing.
  6. rifraff

    Trial V Sharks

    The commentators at the nines were all saying he was a fullback... I only took notice of that because all that I have heard, is that he is a half..
  7. rifraff

    Trial V Sharks

    Is De Belin in the Dragons top 30? Surely whilst stood down you can't be. The teams with a stood down player are allowed to spend extra money over the salary cap. Doesn't that mean we can have an extra player in the top 30?
  8. rifraff

    Curtis Scott (and others) - Offseason trouble

    How many games should a guy who went sleep in his car get suspended for? I really fail to see where the moral outrage or even team bias on this one comes from.
  9. rifraff

    Brookie Atmosphere Ideas

    Wolfy running around naked would help with more fans turning up and the atmosphere. How gimmicky do we want to go. Eagle Rock and the Seabirds are more than enough for a try celebration. Maybe I would turn up more if they played. "Money for nothing" when DCE scored Or we could change some Bon...
  10. rifraff

    Game Day Thread .. 9's

    boof (third-person singular simple present boofs, present participle boofing, simple past and past participle boofed) (transitive, slang) To have anal sex with someone, usually as the penetrative partner (possibly with negative connotations). (transitive, prison, slang) To conceal (a prohibited...
  11. rifraff

    Nines Predictions thread ....

    250k for winning the nines, 400k for winning the premiership. An extra 250k if you win both...
  12. rifraff

    THE LORD SAID' go play for Catalans Izzy'

    Maybe you should have a talk to the Christian scientific community or specifically those in the biological field which mostly do believe in evolution. Are they to be laughed at for believing evolution is all part of gods plan.
  13. rifraff

    Samantha in strife (and medical retirement rorts)

    Of course he will ask for a release the new contract will be close to triple what he is on.. How does he even fit in at Souths when they already have Cam Murray. They are buying an undersized prop for 800k
  14. rifraff

    Membership Packs 2020

    Yeah mate supposedly dispatched on the 11th and had the same eta as you and put back to the 6th of January as well...
  15. rifraff

    Rule Changes

    We all also hear that the NRL is way overstaffed. Is it that every year we get changes that we don't need just to validate the existence of the rules committee?
  16. rifraff

    Samantha in strife (and medical retirement rorts)

    Surely the medical insurance was knocked back. Hence souths having to pay the contract out by hiring him for the next ten years or so to make the money he should have gotten from the medical retirement..
  17. rifraff

    Rule Changes

    Challenges were a failure in the u20s 20/40 I will be surprised if there is more than two in the season Scrums. Are we going to have a 5 second shot clock to know where the scrum will pack running at the same time as the 30 second clock that the scrum needs to be packed in? Attacking player...
  18. rifraff

    Val Holmes .... Myth ?

    If they thought he wath a myth he would be playing in the womanth team. He ith obviouthly a mythter.. Thorry..
  19. rifraff

    Could V’landys be the MAN!?

    Greenberg is still the guy with more power isn't he? He is the one who will come up with the policy of the league. V'landys is only the deciding voice on the commission if a vote is tied to implement that policy. So what can he really do?
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