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    Short Sharp and Flat at Speed

    One of my big pet hates over the years that i have harped on to death is the "over-use" of deep wide distribution from Dummy Half, usually behind lazy lead runners. It can kill go forward, it will cause sideways attack that does not engage the defensive line and reduces/cramps the outside...
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    DCE getting isolated way too easily.

    Trusting your inside hip/shoulder defender on spreads and the contrast of not doing so is best illustrated with a set play from the Warriors to isolate DCE and our left side defenders at the 23min mark. Left spread at the 23min mark, Brown trusts the inside defender in Buhrer with Jake sliding...
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    Introducing TC oops TB

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    Teams wanting to give penalties away

    For many years now you will notice teams especially in the first 10mins of each half slowing the play the ball for such an obvious extended time, not going back the ten or leaving too early--- wanting to give a penalty away. Why you might ask well some coaches have the theory it is better to...
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    Did anyone notice(way past due date thread)

    The difference between the very first hit up of each game against Souths recently?---comparing the SCG hit up and the SFS hitup was basically the only positive to come out of the SFS game. I got my hopes up after that hit up lol but I guess everything looks great from bay 13 halfway line...
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    The Last Try Stoppage.

    To me the prolonged stoppage killed our momentum allowed the Bulldogs a breather and to regroup for the final 8mins when we were coming over the top.
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    SBW Defence

    Now it was probably just coincidence while running our inside plays but SBW was at marker on both occasions when Foran and Brett targeted an inside play around or near the ruck. I've always felt even when defending in the line SBW is over enthusiastic either defending too wide in relation to...
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    Geoff the yes and no king.

    How many times does Geoff use the "yes and no" reply during press conferences, time to have a donation bucket for every use of the phrase. The beauty of replying with yes and no is it allows Geoff to answer each question twice reducing the amount of time for other questions to be asked. I...
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    Pop Up Problem

    RE: Depression Issues for Players - warning, heavy content @Dan not sure if you are aware of a pop up occurring straight after log in about some recommended update, the website seems to vary also in the address bar.(i just close and ignore it) I did take a screen shot if it is necessary.
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    Last 13mins Storm Game

    The turning point in the game which showed the composure gap between Cronk and DCE started at 67:15 and ended with a poor set of six by Manly the following set. Smart thinking by Cronk and Slater to use Slater to draw Stewart forward and kick long into space. Forwards struggle to retreat for...
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    Jamie Lyon Goal Kicking

    Jamie really has some technical flaws in his goal kicking that need to be addressed. First off the overly simplistic suggestion of "keeping your head down" is not about keeping your eye on the ball. Keeping your head locked down and chin tucked in compresses the upper body and shoulders into...
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    Fair analysis of defensive errors.

    Funny how some here so easily use David Williams as a defensive error whipping boy yet fail to hold others to account with the same level of scrutiny. On Friday for example one defender was caught ball watching a few times yet not one person has mentioned it online, if it was Williams there...
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    Dead Ball 7 Tackle rule

    As many of you and myself stated at the start of the season they need to change this rule somewhat to allow players to kick long with no fear of the 7 tackle rule. I know it is a somewhat catch 22 position with negatives and positives on both sides but kicking inside your own half or 40 and...
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    Brenton Lawrence Backpedaling

    Such a well spoken and down to earth character but he did get caught out when asked "does he watch many other NRL games". He wanted to answer truthfully yet not come across as disinterested in other games so he basically was upfront then back pedalled thinking it was not a good look. Then dug...
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    Telstra NRL Full Replays

    Seems like the full free replays 24 hours after the game no longer an option, I guess I will have to source other options or retire.
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    Manly Vs Parra Trial 2nd Half

    A few days ago i watched the 5mins of 1080p youtube highlights of the game and was wondering if there is a full 2nd half around anywhere available. Just with the very limited 2nd half highlights noticed a few things with our attacking structure especially with Foran(as most of the highlights...
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    Attacking Roosters Red Zone

    There are openings up the middle of the Roosters defence for flat straight runners after wide spreads on either side. I would spread the ball with our standard pet plays but make sure the ball DOES NOT reach the wingers as this will create a slow play the ball and usually a settle to get back in...
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    Enough of the Feel Good Stories

    So over them---- plenty of time after the GF and in retirement to look back at the sacrifices made and take pride in ones actions/loyalty.
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    Much better lines and structure in attack.

    Major improvement with our structures and line running in attack great to see and the signs I have been looking for. I have been stating for years that shorter flatter passing from dummy half with our ball players more central will open up straighter line running options further infield on top...
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    Last Repeat Sets of 1st Half

    In line with the new and improved TC I will keep this short----the repeat sets in attack just before half time is "one" of the areas of our attacking game that needs to lift big time or we are going to struggle against in form defensive lines. TC don't get any ideas---please do not dribble or...
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