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  1. Volley

    Walker cleared to play.

    Typical lawyer speak, misquotes, playing with words. Smoke and mirrors. I never said injuries alone mean guilt, but you state I said such a thing. I said that injuries consistent with the victims statement essentially proves guilt in a he said/she said situation. I never said thought processes...
  2. Volley

    Win a car! (Holy poop) just by being a 2019 member!

    Hope Melinda Gainsford-Taylor enjoys her new wheels.
  3. Volley

    Walker cleared to play.

    1. There are injuries and if her story of events is consistent with the injuries present, then guilt is essentially proven in a he said/she said situation. 2. Pretty simple really, if she thought her injuries were due to an accident, then she probably would’ve told the police this and nothing...
  4. Volley

    Walker cleared to play.

    She’s got injuries and an AVO has been taken out on him and he’s been charged. The fiancée obviously thinks he’s responsible. The only way he’s found not guilty here is if she changes her mind, à la Greg Bird’s girlfriend. You were happy Greg Bird was allowed to play on, because the justice...
  5. Volley

    Walkers on

    Should the default position be to not believe what the female in a domestic relationship says happened? No wonder victims often struggle to come forward. She’s got injuries and he’s been charged, so it’s clear she hasn’t said it was just an accident.
  6. Volley

    Just on Tom Wright

    Don’t worry, big Frankie Winterstein played some outside backs in Rugby7’s.
  7. Volley

    Walkers on

    Manly need to make a statement. They need to sack him; domestic violence is abhorrent. It’s far too common and it doesn’t help that NRL players seem (the good ones anyway) to get off relatively scot-free. I wonder if the broken hand a few years ago was all that it was reported to be.
  8. Volley

    Gareth Widdop

    Haha some kid from Flegg adequate cover for Widdop? Put a fork in them for at least next year if he goes.
  9. Volley


    Now I see you endorsing some guy who says TT isn’t a fullback. Make up your mind man.
  10. Volley

    Worst Big Name Signing

    Graham Mackay.
  11. Volley


    If he was as poor playing fullback as some on here would have you believe, he wouldn’t be making those rep sides. He must be doing something right to be noticed and selected.
  12. Volley


    He’s playing for NSW and Australia, and playing well. He’s obviously had a pretty reasonable career so far.
  13. Volley


    Shaun Marsh is 35 ffs
  14. Volley


    You mercilessly bag TT, way over the top and then in here you’re on his wagon saying how great he could be.
  15. Volley

    Jake & his Bestie at the races!

    You’ve posted about 3 or 4 times...
  16. Volley

    How your club has recruited ahead of the 2019 season?

    Wish we’d got Mason Lino instead of Elgey. He’s pretty handy. I wouldn’t say the Knights backline is far superior, it’s not great. Manly’s is poor, Newcastle’s is better.
  17. Volley

    Lussick let rip at Barrett before taking Toronto lifeline

    Can’t recall Lussick blowing up about missing the 2011 side. Sounds like a fib to me to make out Lussick’s Barrett criticisms are a slight on Lussick rather than Barrett.
  18. Volley

    Eagles and Des must fix two broken Turbos

    The guy quit on them, not sure why they love him so much. “Hey guys, love working with you but the facilities are junk, I’ll leave you with it and try my luck somewhere else”.
  19. Volley

    Please explain?

    Addo-Carr’s dummy half runs are limp. Did you see the Grand Final? He got pushed backwards every time he ran the ball. I think Taufua with a full off season can still provide something. His dummy half runs from our own end are invaluable. He’s also a great finisher, he just didn’t get many...
  20. Volley

    Salary Cap

    I wouldn’t call it courage, but you’re right, we’d still be stuck with Barrett at the helm and a potential wooden spoon on its way in 2019.
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