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  1. K

    Finals week 1

    Free hit basically considering the injuries. Good experience for next season. I hope des tries something different 1.Elliot 2. Tafua 3. Walker 4. Parker 5. Garrick 6. Cust 7. DCE 8. AFB 9. Fainu 10. Waddell 11. Jetski 12. Trbojevic 13. Suli 14. Api 15. Boyle 16. Perrett 17. Keppie
  2. K

    PRE-GAME DISCUSSION: Manly v Tigers [Round 1, 2019]

    our backline looks a bit weak but it is a reserve back line. in a couple months time. Our backline could read very differently. 1. Turbo 2. Hopoate 3. Garrick 4. Walker 5. Funa Looks alot stronger then. Hoppa needs time. Walker suspended. Funa will get a go as well.
  3. K

    Walker cleared to play.

    Something has gone on clearly for her to make a call to the police about it. Her retractment is too little too late. Only thing i can think of.. is him losing his career over this matter.. doesnt help her at all. Whether she walks away in 3 months... she cant get half of nothing can she. He is...
  4. K

    It was Des all along coaching thread

    yeah last year when we were going well.. he leaves and our defence goes to absolute ****. Seibold was ready for a coaching gig. Carty had years and years.. not like hes an up and comer deserving a shot. He is proven.... problem is hes proven to not be any good. Just another 'mate' to these soft...
  5. K

    It was Des all along coaching thread

    I don't care which players leave. We don't have a Stewart or Lyon type figure. If they don't want the coach that Manly want.. then let them go. If dce wants a release even better. I saw he's still got a contract to 2023. My word who gave him that stupid deal. Such a **** culture we have right...
  6. K

    The Owners speak

    the chinese are having problems taking money out of their country. Look at whats happened to the chinese football owners of late. AC Milan Aston Villa etc. Middle East group is who the Penns should have sold to.
  7. K

    The Daly Cherrygraph

    Wow seriously. What a piece of **** he is. Never liked him and from all the stories i have heard from ex players.. speaks volumes that he would come out and say that stuff. Maybe we would have more money to spend if we werent spending it on his sorry excuse of a half back. How many times have...
  8. K

    [Resurrected] The Trent Vent

    Wow 2016. I have ha on him early. Clyeless muppet. Can't believe he's had 3 years.
  9. K

    Sack Barrett

    how can anyone in their right mind still support Trent? Hes had 3 years to build this team.. were over the cap somehow.. and we are dreadful. We are also getting worse.. He has lost the dressing room.. his tactics are awful.. he has the worst coaching record in our history.. he doesnt have the...
  10. K

    SOO 3, 2018 - The Resurgence of DCE

    he always did. I wonder where it has been. Clearly hes been instructed to kick it out all the time instead of trying to get repeats. You cant manage games like that.
  11. K

    SOO 3, 2018 - The Resurgence of DCE

    Whos the number 7 for Qld? good player. Wheres this form been? hes kicked more dropouts in 25 minutes than hes done all season. His long kicking game is finding space and hes organising a team. What the? Barrett ruining DCE?
  12. K

    Game Day: Manly v Panthers [Round 16, 2018]

    Hodkinson comes on and they score. Fainu was playing well. Wright @ 5/8 and Fainu at gookeh would fix this side up. They need to get games together now. Walker is no 5/8. He's wasted.
  13. K

    Game Day: Manly v Panthers [Round 16, 2018]

    Can't blame them for 7-8 errors
  14. K

    Game Day: Manly v Panthers [Round 16, 2018]

    If we can hold the pill we should win. Penrith not interested.
  15. K

    Game Day: Manly v Panthers [Round 16, 2018]

    Impressed with Fainu. Like he's been playing first grade for years.
  16. K

    Game Day: Manly v Panthers [Round 16, 2018]

    How are we winning. Penrith are horrible.
  17. K

    Game Day: Manly v Panthers [Round 16, 2018]

    2 errors in 2 sets. Safe coaching. Works well Trent.
  18. K

    Game Day: Manly v Panthers [Round 16, 2018]

    Matt Wright safe? For what? His defence is **** and he can't catch a bomb. No speed. Walker to centre where he belongs and Tom wright to 5/8. Suli to wing. Don't give me he's young bull**** either. Suli and Fainu are younger or similar aged. Just stupid from trent. Needs to go.
  19. K

    Is NOW the time to play Rookies?

    We really need to give them a go now. When else do you get 10 or so rounds with no meaning to really let them get used to first grade and hit the ground running next year. Also if they are no good then we know who to target for next season. Why go buy a 5/8 if Tom Wright kills it? why go buy a...
  20. K

    Manly v Panthers [Round 16 , 2018] - Pre-Game Discussion

    Wow.. just wow. Just when i thought Barrett couldnt get any worse.. i will leave it there just incase he names a different run on squad... how he should be starting. Given he himself has said we have no chance of finals....... Let the kids play with a bit of freedom. Lets see what we have in our...
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