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    Origin III - The Decider

    The interesting thing is that in both game 2 and game 3 the Blues were clearly the stronger and dominant team. Game 3 the Maroons defended manfully but most of the game the Blues had much the better, and no miracles came for the Maroons. They will have much to think about for next year.
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    Sick of the Manly seasons derailed

    I am probably alone in this but I approve of Ola'K getting involved. I have far too often seen the Queenslanders thug out on Blues players, for advantage or sheer spite. And nothing happened. Last night everyone learned something: those days are over. If we are saying All for one and one for...
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    MVP: Rd 19 v Knights

    Every single guy out there played well. Sterner tests will come, but that definitely should build some confidence. 3 Turbo: when he feels reasonably fit and like he can fire up, he just plays at a different level to almost everyone else. Easily worth 8 points per game to us. 2 Back Fence...
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    All NRL Games [Round 19, 2024]

    Wow dismally soft and lazy try conceded by South's there.
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    All NRL Games [Round 18, 2024]

    Good God 30 seconds in the half and that was one of the worst suicide passes from the sqEels I have ever seen.......
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    Game Day Thread (Dark Mode)

    Hi @Jethro, Include me into The Dark Side thread please - FOMO is pretty much my guiding principle....
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    The hard question

    It is critically important to Seibold's future that we make the 8 this year. Lehi has done great in a few games and looks like a red hot prospect. But it would not surprise me at all if Seibold wanted to stock up on experience and, since Turbo seems set to come back at Centre, promotes either...
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    Turbo back.. at centre

    Good on you @BOZO 100% agree with that. If I had a totally fit Turbo there is no doubt I would play him at FB: because he is a game-winning Gun, end of story. But he sounds shaken up. Poor guy, how awful for him must it be, these continuing injuries. So I am happy to play him at Centre...
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    Jamie Humphreys

    Worth noting, I believe at present neither of GCKT and Humphreys are contacted beyond end of 2024. Suggests the club isn't too fussed by the prospect of either or both taking up other opportunities.
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    MVP: Rd 16 v Souths

    A lot of our guys can hold their heads up after that one. My picks were: 3 Lawton in absolutely everything, no-one could have tried harder 2 Brown ditto, led from the front, only way he knows how 1 Talau we have a real keeper here and he seems to be thriving in the Manly system. Tried super...
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    Arthur Sacked- Barrett now in charge of Eels

    One of my dreams may still possibly come true.......
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    Exciting opportunity

    This will be really interesting, I am looking forward to it.
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    Urgent Help required: TISM

    Dammit what an unacceptable situation! I wish you every good fortune in this @Dan you are doing God's will.
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    MVP: Rd 15 v Dragons

    Super-gutsy win by the Eagles against significant setbacks and really gave the fans something to cheer for. Plenty of guys deserved points today. The ones I thought really went above and beyond: 3 Brown - when all was falling apart around him, he stood up tall. 66 minutes played, 18 runs...
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    Pre-Game Manly V Dragons [Round 15, 2024]

    We are not exactly starting with a premiership-winning front row, it is a bit startling seeing Brown at 10. However he will be in a great mood following his well-deserved extension and will take a back step to nobody, bless him. Nevertheless I think we will struggle with metres in the middle...
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    Cross-Forum-Discussion Round 15 2024 Distinguished and dignified distributed discourse

    Best. Topic. Headline. Ever. @Dan you have outdone yourself!
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    Manly's 2024 surprise packet

    Talau and young Hopoate, they really have surprised.
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    All NRL Games [Round 14, 2024]

    Seems like the Dogs have broken T-Baz's hopes yet again...... you certainly hate to see it.......
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    Origin 1 - 2024

    I think it was about this time last year I commented that I felt like I'd spent my entire life being let down by the Blues so I didn't get emotionally into Origin any more. Now I can just enjoy the football. Hell give me four or five more Manly premierships in my lifetime and I won't care if...
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    Origin 1 - 2024

    A fairly tragic evening for the Blues but on the upside a great one for our own DCE.
Team P W L PD Pts
17 14 3 141 34
17 12 5 118 30
17 11 6 125 28
18 11 7 209 26
18 10 7 97 25
17 9 8 63 24
17 9 8 46 24
18 10 8 3 24
17 9 8 -56 24
17 8 9 -91 22
18 8 10 25 20
17 7 10 -90 20
18 8 10 -97 20
18 7 10 -34 19
17 6 11 -89 18
17 4 13 -153 14
18 4 14 -217 12
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