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    Love a League V Union Debate

    Gito would go fairly well in league, his not in the gasnier, hodges, bell tate catagorie but he was a raiders junior until St Edmonds, :doh: (private school wankers) took him to play union, and his old man Ron Giteu was the Raiders first captain
  2. T

    Pick the score

    Manly 48 - Warriors 12 MOM - Burns or Orford :dance:
  3. T

    Kicking & thrashing

    I think it was morley who tried the kick step shuffle (:0
  4. T

    Cuthbo a potential cult hero?

    I recon Travis burns will be a bit of a hero for us too :lol2:
  5. T

    Daniel & Linda's Big announcement

    Daniel & Linda's Big announcement :clap: :clap: :clap: Great stuff, congrats!! :yeah:
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    Rd3 Pick the score

    Manly to win 30-10 :blush:
  7. T

    Positives for the season ahead:-

    Very good read, I agree with the 3rd/4th finishing, we did beat every team last year exept for st george, parra & Nth Queensland. most of those were close losses and we beat all of those sides either in 2004 or 2003 so we can match it with all of the teams, and thats without orford and bell...
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    Willie Manu

    I just heard he finally did sign with castleford this morning :drunk:
  9. T

    Willie Manu

    How come we gave up on Manu? I really thought he'd be a good buy, surly he couldnt have hurt the salary cap too much. :violin:
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    Fullback - MANLY Dream Team 60th birthday celebrations in 2006

    Ridge then Stewart. I wasnt old enough to see the wombat in action. But Brett stewart will be better than ridge in time
  11. T

    Why did we miss out on Boyd?

    One of my work mates is from cootamundra and knows him, she said hes not much of a player, he tries to be like his father but hes only ever made rep sides because of Les. We dodged a bullet there, "scott fulton 2" :dance:
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    I think this could be a really good idea...

    I recon this will be close, but who the hell knows what dessie thinks sometimes 1. Brett Stewart 2. Michael Robertson / Paul Stephenson 3. Steve Bell 4. Steve Matai 5. Chris Hicks 6. Michael Monaghan (C) 7. Matt Orford 8. Jason King 9. Luke Williamson 10. Brent Kite 11. Steve Menzies...
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    Matai a rough off season?

    A very rough off season! 8D
  14. T

    Kennedy to Captain Manly in the Australian

    This was in the Australian today under the heading: Taylor has backing for promotion Manly and the Sydney Roosters are yet to name their leaders for 2006, although the Sea Eagles will give the job to Ben Kennedy when he returns from the Kangaroo tour
  15. T

    Brian Noble

    i recon Noble with go to the raiders after they sack Matty Elliott :~?
  16. T

    Should we now make a play for Thompson?

    Weve got a great back 3 at the moment, I recon save some coin for Lyon
  17. T

    hope you have foxtel!

    Hey Mata I live in canberra, what part were you in? :drunk:
  18. T

    Brain SMITH

    sucko to parra, that pretty hopeless from them to organise a replacement for him with a year to go on his contract, didnt the bears do that to their coach a few years back?
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    [poll] who do you think should be manly's captain in 2006?

    [poll] who do you think should be manly's captain in 2006? Dallas was a qlder, i remember when he scored that full field intercept try in the dying minutes to beat nsw in melbourne
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    [poll] who do you think should be manly's captain in 2006?

    [poll] who do you think should be manly's captain in 2006? I fully agree with you matabele, I recon he will be our 5/8 for the year baring injury of course :clap:
Team P W L PD Pts
16 13 3 125 32
17 11 6 125 28
16 11 5 116 28
17 11 6 225 26
16 9 7 65 24
16 9 7 48 24
17 9 8 -56 24
17 9 7 67 23
17 9 8 1 22
17 8 9 -91 22
17 8 9 -81 20
18 7 10 -34 19
17 7 10 9 18
16 6 10 -59 18
16 6 10 -104 18
17 4 13 -153 14
17 4 13 -203 12
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