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    2024 MWSE Line-up

    Here’s my round 1 predicted lineup; Turbo Saab Garrick Koula Vaega Brooks Dce Paeska Croker Jake Olakauatu Schuster Brown Gckt Sipley Bullemore Aloli Burbo
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    2024 MWSE Line-up

    That’s the team I think can make a deep push into finals. Koula Saab Garrick Turbo Vaega / paulo Brooks Dce Paeska Croker Jurbo Olakauatu Burbo Schuster Gckt Sipley Bullemore Brown
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    Josh Mcguire

    Are we trying to sign koloamatangi? That would fully transform our forward pack
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    Your preferred 2024 side

    Koula Saab Turbo Garrick Vaega / Paulo / fualauo Brooks Dce Paeska Crocker Lodge Olakauatu Schuster Jurbo GCKT Sipley Keppie Bullemore / aloli Burbo
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    Your preferred 2024 side

    Turbo Saab Garrick Koula Vaega / Paulo / Tui Brooks DCE Paeska Crocker Lodge Olakauatu Schuster Jake GCKT Sipley Tuilagi Ailoi Burbo
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    Is Luke brooks the piece we’ve been missing

    The thread title speaks for itself, just wanting to see what brooks could bring to the team and if we think we can be a competing top 8 or even 4 side. Thanks all!
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    Latu Fainu

    MANLY DO NOT GET RID OF LATU FAINU! He is 1000% a generational talent! Biggest mistake if we do see him off
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    Team you'd like to see for finals

    Turbo Saab Koula Garrick Vaega Schuster DCE Paeska Crocker Jurbo Olakauatu Fainu Keppie GCKT Tuilagi Aloli Sipley Weekes Bullemore
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    Manase Fainu - Discussion

    I wasn’t really watching nrl when manase was playing, so just seeing what youse all think of his abilities on the field? If he can be cleared and return to the field and can get back to his old skill level, would you say he would take the starting hooker spot from Crocker?
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    Will Siebs bring in Fainu at 6 when he turns 18?

    With all the current dramas going on with our stable 5/8th, any chance siebs could bring in Latu? Not exactly sure if he's ready or not, just wanting to see what youse all think?
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    Weekes - need's Blacktown ASAP

    drop Harper, move weekes to centre whilst koula is out. Put Lawton at 14 and bring Samuela fainu in for Burbo..
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    How Seibs could give Weekes higher minutes?

    Hey all, what do youse think about Weekes slotting into a wing spot over tuipolotu for half the game? that way it gives garrick a chance to rotate to the centre spot which would see parker benched.
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    2023 Team

    Here’s my 2023 team I think has a real shot in finals footy: Turbo Vaega Garrick / Weekes Koula Weekes / Garrick Johns DCE Keppie Gordon Jurbo Olakauatu Tuilagi Schuster Crocker Paeska Alioi Fainu
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    2023 Team

    i like it but whys everyone still holding out for Brad Parker? he really isnt first grade material anymore.
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    2023 Team

    this is the team im hoping to see for round 1. plz lmk what youse think .. Tom Trbojevic Raymond Vega Reuben Garrick Toluatu Koula Kaeo Weekes Josh Schuster Daly cherry evans Jake Trbojevic Lachlan Crocker Kelma Tuilagi Haumole Olakauatu Samuela Fainu Ben Condon Ben Trbojevic Josh alioi Sean...
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    2023 Team

    hopefully this does happen. i would love to see Samuela fainu, gordon chan and raymond vaega get. a bit of a run
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    2023 Team

    Yeah 100% trials will be a great indicator to see where we are at. Would love to see Samuela fainu get a decent run in that game, been hearing nothing but great things about him
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    2023 Team

    Hey all, this is the team I’m hoping to see for 23! A lot of changes to last szn roster but I think we need change… plz lmk what youse think Turbo Weekes Garrick Koula Vaega Schuster Dce J.Trbojevic Crocker / Gordon chan Paeska Olakauatu Tuilagi B.Trbojevic Lawton Alioi Samuela Fainu ?
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    Anthony Seibold - Manly coach. "Official"

    How can you say the playing roster isn’t any better? We made premlims in 21 with turbo carrying the whole team on his back… turbo getting injured in 22 was the best thing for us because now the team has learnt to play without being carried by him. We were looking great until the pride round bs...
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    2023 Team

    Yeah I’ve heard the same about him, he’s gonna have that extra edge as a prop having played at halfback. We’re shaping up to be a premiership threat again!
Team P W L PD Pts
14 11 3 103 26
14 10 4 118 24
14 10 4 78 24
14 8 6 60 20
14 8 6 143 18
13 7 6 81 18
14 7 7 37 18
15 8 7 -8 18
14 7 7 -50 18
13 7 6 -55 18
14 7 6 42 17
14 6 8 -55 16
14 6 7 13 15
14 4 10 -121 12
13 4 9 -126 12
13 3 10 -129 10
13 3 10 -131 10
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