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  1. J


    I have 2 memberships, so can buy 4 tickets with my number...
  2. J


    Anyone in need of an AAN please inbox me. I already have tickets and want to ensure there are as many Manly fans there as possible!
  3. J

    Refs week 1

    Klein likes to blow a bazillion penalties a game and Cummins is just plain incompetent. I'm worried.
  4. J

    Week 1 - Semi

    I don't think the days the games are on are set in stone. I think channel 9 decides what day depending on the game. Because this year all the games mean something whereas previously games 4v5 and 3v6 could be pointless so they had to play them first.
  5. J

    Week 1 - Semi

    I don't think the days the games are on are set in stone. I think channel 9 decides what day depending on the game. Because this year all the games mean something whereas previously games 4v5 and 3v6 could be pointless so they had to play them first.
  6. J

    T-Rex and Lussick in Sun Herald

    At the risk of being mocked.. I have a reliable source that says Lussick to Parra is a done deal as of this afternoon. Also, that the Eels have a verbal agreement with Ryan Hinchcliffe. Tony Williams to stay at Manly, as his asking price was too much for Parra. Believe me if you want..
  7. J

    Brett has lost his mojo .........

    Is this thread real or a g up?? Makes me wonder if people know anything about football or just see Brett make two errors and decide he isn't playing well.
  8. J

    Breaking News on Foran

    Just heard it.. Awesome.
  9. J

    Why we don't need Kieran Foran

    Kieran Foran is our best player. He is as close to a necessity that we have. If we don't keep him, I for one will be very worried about the future.
  10. J

    TV rights update

    Yeah they would have another chance to beat it.. It would keep going back and forth until one of the parties gave up, it really makes no difference except for the fact that Channel 9 can keep topping up their offer depending on what the other channels offer.
  11. J

    Goal Kicking

    Killer is a very good goalkicker.. the strike rate from the sideline for most goalkickers would be around 50% only i would assume anyway.. And going on last nights effort where one came off the post in driving rain is very unlucky and harsh to judge on.. It was only a year ago that El Masri...
  12. J

    Premiership Trophy

    It says 'Premiership Withdrawn' for both 07 and 09.
  13. J

    grand final codes

    have a code, but already have my tickets.. so PM me if you want it.. first in best dressed..[hr] Already given codes away, sorry to those who missed out, better luck with others!
  14. J

    Ryan Phelan

    Yeah I think I know the guy you are talking about. I've only ever seen him at games at the SFS but he always seems to be causing trouble. I saw him get spoken to by the cops at the cowboys game in week 1 as well.
  15. J

    Brookvale Oval Live Site

    any chance the boys are going to go down to brookvale if they win? the leagues club simply isnt big enough to accomodate everyone after the game..
  16. J

    What did Blair say?

    yeah thats exactly what i was thinking of
  17. J

    What did Blair say?

    If Blair did say something about Brett's court case and made remarks about the incident then I think that definitely could have a bearing on the whole thing. You cant have players getting away with saying those kinds of things.
  18. J

    League Unlimited

    I can't read that kind of crap or the ridiculous comments at the bottom of foxsports articles because it just makes me angry. The bias and hatred towards manly gets in the way of any common sense.
  19. J

    NRL announces three pronged enquiry-the carve up begins

    I'm really not too worried about any suspensions. I think there may be fines and maybe a week or two for glenn and blair but there is no way the NRL will jeopardise the entire finals series by rubbing out players for the rest of the season. I think everyone should relax until monday when we...
  20. J

    15 Secs before Half-Time

    He packs in at lock basically every scrum when we are defending... its usually quicker for him to get back to fullback from the scrum, as he cannot stand at fullback during a scrum as there would be a hole in the defensive line
Team P W L PD Pts
14 11 3 103 26
14 10 4 118 24
14 10 4 78 24
14 8 6 60 20
14 8 6 143 18
13 7 6 81 18
14 7 7 37 18
15 8 7 -8 18
14 7 7 -50 18
13 7 6 -55 18
14 7 6 42 17
14 6 8 -55 16
14 6 7 13 15
14 4 10 -121 12
13 4 9 -126 12
13 3 10 -129 10
13 3 10 -131 10
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