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  1. M

    Ban Extension?

    Very interesting....if they change the suspension I reckon there will more court cases than when they tried to kick Souths out! At the end of the day they may need to renegotiate their NRL TV licencing just to pay Snake and Manly their damages suits.
  2. M

    News: Matt Orford faces pay cut

    Hey, why not introduce a players only room at the whalf bar or the Harbord Pub- that would get him and a few others our way. Put in a bar tab, surely that would be allowed under the salary cap? ;D ;D
  3. M

    Where's Hoppa Jnr

    probably doing sparing with his father, dances like a butterfly, stings like a kingy.
  4. M

    Something Different....

    Pretty average... looks like he's on a working holiday - and little work IMO. Thgink he's struggling with the pace of the game, or he might be carrying an injury.
  5. M

    News: Knights face eviction

    Parking is crap at Central Coast, the line to get a beer at the club across the road is usually a 35 min wait. Having said that drinking Hunter lager at Energy Aust is like drink p$%s, but the corporate facilities are heaps better than Brookvale, and it 10 mins from home, not 3 hours? - the wife...
  6. M

    News: Hasler saves Mayer in boardroom

    The way they all lined up for the media presentation resembled people being lined up for an execution.... wonder who was the governor who gave them a repreive?
  7. M

    News: Matt Orford faces pay cut

    At pre season training all the talk was about Foran being the "future" of the club - that came from staff at the HQ and Dessie. The problem with that is that he is a 5/8 not a half back. I haven't seen many of the Toyota cup games so how good is Cherry-Evans? He seems to score a lot of points...
  8. M

    News: Knights face eviction

    my understanding from this situation (from a meeting I was at today in Newcastle) is that the group was trying to embarrass the club into negotiating a lower counter offer for re inbursement of losses during the redevelopment. You will probably see a sponsor (lending institution) offer a short...
  9. M

    Footy show

    At least the show isn't full of crappy segments, best of all Daley ain't in it!
  10. M

    News: Delmege slams choice of venue

    Why was the location a bad idea? Location was good and the launch was valued placed considering economic times at $70 a ticket. The club has had issues over the past 3 years with the launches and particularly poorly run in comparison to other clubs. Parramatta and Roosters have put on heaps...
  11. M

    WCC Racism?

    Did he? Then the b%^$&d should go..... not good enough from our CEO. Bet you it was because of all the alchol he's drunk to get over this week.
  12. M

    Sad News and a tribute to Corso_Jan

    Dan, Why don't we let Pete make the decision? Happy to contribute where directed. Have had family members suffer the same in the last 6 months and I know how the family would feel with the support from our members. Let's all pitch in and help were we can!
  13. M

    Wolfman out for 5

    Out of interest how many Test players are on less than $200K a season?
  14. M

    Gallop punts Judiciary

    Did he stand Bellamy down? No! Another case of feeding lambs to the slaughter. Just pain wrong!!!!!!!!!
  15. M

    Taxation office's threat to Delmege

    Internal politics is a wonderous thing. I agree with Byso about factions in the club trying to take advantage of Max's situation. In all my dealings with Max, he has been above reproach, kind and generous. Above all he loves Manly! It's players and fans alike. I have never heard or seen him do...
  16. M

    News: Eagle Origin ‘must’

    I'd rather see Manly smash teams during Origin period, than loose heap of players to SOO. Also affect player retention with the extra salary cap implications with more representative players and the extra nightmare of possible injuries. I know I'm a selfish SOB.
  17. M

    Byso's photos

    Hi Dan, Like the style of the new site....good luck with it!
  18. M

    Byso's photos

    Hi Guys, back again for another season...can't wait....think it's going to be a great year. Just tried to open  Byso's images, but the files won't open....just loops to the same page, any suggestions?
  19. M

    This sucks!

    On NBN news Newcastle just announced that the NSW Govt has provided Energy Australia Stadium $10mil now, with another $20 mil later, Fed Govt Funding for $30 mil to completed the western grandstand for the stadium... that $60 mil Labour funds for a labour seat...we can't get $10 mil to redevelop...
  20. M

    Vale Frank Hyde

    And so say all of us!
Team P W L PD Pts
14 11 3 103 26
14 10 4 118 24
14 10 4 78 24
14 8 6 60 20
14 8 6 143 18
13 7 6 81 18
14 7 7 37 18
15 8 7 -8 18
14 7 7 -50 18
13 7 6 -55 18
14 7 6 42 17
14 6 8 -55 16
14 6 7 13 15
14 4 10 -121 12
13 4 9 -126 12
13 3 10 -129 10
13 3 10 -131 10
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