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  1. Tragic Eagle

    Moments - The last 10 minutes

    We showed great courage and grit when the refereeing onslaught gave them shot after shot at our line. Well done boys gutsy effort.
  2. Tragic Eagle

    Lehi Hopoate

    Hoppa should be picked at Fullback he earned the selection. Koula to Centre and Garrick to Wing.
  3. Tragic Eagle

    Sack Seibold.

    Kind of ironic really that we have had three straight losses in games we should have won and he’s chasing an extension. Hardly fits the success based business model.
  4. Tragic Eagle

    Lehi Hopoate

    Good luck young Hoppa. Hopefully the beginning of a long and successful first grade career
  5. Tragic Eagle

    Sack Seibold.

    The jury is still out and the club has wisely not extended his contract. It’s a mistake extending a coach too soon.
  6. Tragic Eagle

    Latu Fainu

    Great point! Thats the problem we have - namely we need a game manager and we currently don’t have one.
  7. Tragic Eagle

    Lehi Hopoate

    Better off putting in a position he has been showing great in and not sticking him out on the wing.
  8. Tragic Eagle

    Aaron Schoupp

    I agree totally. Playing with confidence and for a coach that believes in you makes the world of difference.
  9. Tragic Eagle

    Bring back Brad

    A smart move would be to bring him in as assistant. Good players will follow.
  10. Tragic Eagle

    [Resurrected] Lol @ Parra

    Seibold likes an experienced assistant coach and I reckon Arthur is his man.
  11. Tragic Eagle

    Pre-Game Manly V Storm [Round 12, 2024]

    What troubles me is how dumb we are on the field. The Paseka sin bin was just a lack of self discipline and inexcusable. Garrick not looking for DCE on the inside was white line fever and inexcusable and DEC not taking the captain's challenge on the Paseka strip was the captain asleep at the...
  12. Tragic Eagle

    Garrick or Koula for No 1

    I be promoting young Hoppa. Now is the time. The kid has been in great form and deserves a shot. Id be moving Gariick back to the wing and partnering Talua with Burbo to improve our fragile backline defence.
  13. Tragic Eagle

    Arthur Sacked- Barrett now in charge of Eels

    I never understand sacking a coach mid season.
  14. Tragic Eagle

    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    Good honest interview. He’s heading in the right direction. I hope he sorts it out.
  15. Tragic Eagle

    Blacktown Workers

    I’d be playing DCE at hooker and Humphries at 7.
  16. Tragic Eagle

    Nathan Brown

    Timing is usually telling.
  17. Tragic Eagle

    70 minutes ok - 10 shockers

    Talking it up pre re season means nothing when we continually under achieve. There is no excuse for losing to St George, Canberra, the Dolphins and now Brisbane. Paseka’s lack of discipline last night was so dumb and Garrick’s lack of defence in the centres bleeds points. We won’t make the 8 and...
  18. Tragic Eagle

    70 minutes ok - 10 shockers

    What on earth was he saving the challenge for!!! Youve got to trust your players DCE.
  19. Tragic Eagle

    All NRL Games [Round 11, 2024]

    Rueben cost us big time last night. Tackling shadows again in the first try and not passing inside to DCE when he made a break. He is a good winger he definitely is not a centre. Overall a gutsy effort thwarted by a garbage high tackle call on a player on the ground. That decision decided the game.
  20. Tragic Eagle

    MVP: Rd 11 v Broncos

    3. Talau 2. Ola 1. Paseka
Team P W L PD Pts
11 9 2 82 20
11 8 3 112 18
11 8 3 75 18
10 7 3 69 16
12 7 5 135 14
11 7 4 59 14
11 6 5 -9 14
11 6 5 -38 14
12 6 5 36 13
11 5 6 47 12
12 6 6 2 12
11 5 6 -88 12
11 4 6 -7 9
11 3 8 -119 8
10 2 8 -91 6
11 2 9 -95 6
11 2 9 -170 6
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