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    Jack Wighton free to negotiate ...

    I think his most recent performances in the eyes of most desperate clubs has almost cancelled out the losses brought about by details from the court case. Not condoning what Walker may or may not have done, have separate opinions on that.
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    Jack Wighton free to negotiate ...

    Walker doesn't want to play centre anymore, plus he will be a better ballplayer over time and sharper.
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    Joel Thompson - accident?

    Don't understand the logic behind the "get ahead of the rumour mill" suggestion as the reason to post on social media, you either did something silly sober,intoxicated or an unfortunate accident, what other rumour can be started with so many witnesses around. Mind you probably the most...
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    Roosters v Raiders Grand Final Thread

    Didn't give links just in case it is against the rules of the site. (nomad productions in search i think)
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    Roosters v Raiders Grand Final Thread

    Manly vs Roosters 56-0 full game on YouTube if you need a little inspiration for the future.(many other great games just uploaded if you need Cliffy highlights or admire the class of the Raiders from the early 90's)
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    Roosters v Raiders Grand Final Thread

    "Mark" my words it wont last as long as you think.
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    Roosters v Raiders Grand Final Thread

    Come on Mark put a more positive twist on things, the Roosters always copy Manly's formula but the dynasty never usually lasts as long.
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    Big Marty extends

    Des is too tight to trust with spreading the love so this option is off the cards.
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    Big Marty extends

    Caps are a joke but they do offer a fun way to pass the time in getting around them. First of all "Total Football Spend doesn't directly translate to success" and secondly if you need some big player purchases you could probably creatively redirect money from the Football Department to players...
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    Most people fit that same category work wise.
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    Big Marty extends

    Just pay Dessie massive overs and let him spread the love off the books to the players he feels deserve it.
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    sCam talks retirement

    There was a response during the game where i was convinced Cam was already thinking about retirement if it went against the Storm, after watching some of the after game interview with Slater i don't think he will retire and play on for one last shot.
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    Des back at work.

    I would prefer a longer contract but from the outside looking in it seems we have too much tied up at the top end unless Manly get more third parties on board. With things looking on the up for the club and all pulling in the one direction, riding this new wave may generate more options to...
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    No 1 rule change 2020

    Catching the ball on the full in the 10 meter zone should be a seven tackle set. Boring to watch pin point bombs that land 1-2 meters away from the try line and being able to force a restart by pushing the player in goal.
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    Go Raiders

    Viking clap is a pathetic yawn fest trying to imitate the atmosphere of American Football or other overseas sports. I find Canberra technically boring to watch especially their backline moves but you have to admire Ricky for extracting as much as possible out of this group.
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    Cheating the cap!

    Every fan can point at other clubs for being dodgy in relation to the cap, sometimes weak rosters can be over the cap big time when you have to pay overs to entice a few players. 2006-2010 the salary cap was laughable and basically non existent for more than just one club "imho" and it is still...
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    Des back at work.

    The great thing about the Souths game is that everything that Manly has to work on to improve in 2020 is compressed down and highlighted in that one package. All the good and bad things Manly do in Attack and Defence are on clear display in the first half. Des improved Manly's defensive...
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    Des back at work.

    My guess would be Walker extends for a short 2yrs to establish himself as a 5/8, stability in his life, then hopefully command a big pay rise at 27/28 on the open market. This gives Walker and Manly options/flexibility for the future so it seems like a good mix. (doubt the contract will be...
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    Fainu Injury

    Will be even more timid in defence now, ah well i guess his attacking output will compensate.
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