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    Representative honours

    I watched the game last night, when I saw the crowd,I thought it was a roosters home game!
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    Roosters v Raiders Grand Final Thread

    And he wouldn't know when they started calling themselves Roosters, damn TriColours, can't stand them.
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    I could only last 3 minutes....

    Same here, but I got a pat on the back and a well done!
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    Toronto Wolfpack (Gen info and game day reports).

    Thanks Global Eagle!
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    Toronto Wolfpack (Gen info and game day reports).

    Featherstone v Toulouse last week
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    Toronto Wolfpack (Gen info and game day reports).

    Might need subtitles to understand.
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    Problem for some is, we keep referring to the top 17. You really need to building/developing to a top 30 if you want to do well over a few seasons. Also, we keep talking up players who either have been injured or just coming out of the SGBall team. Yes they are our future but 2020 is here now!
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    Will Keppie be collateral damage?

    We need to have 6 props of first grade quality in our squad of 30. Starting 2020, we have Taupau,AFB,Paseka, Sipley & Boyle. Seems like Keppie is next. All other names being thrown around like Fainu & Saddler have to use 2020 as their grounding for 2021. These guys haven't got out of Flegg yet...
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    New CEO?

    So, has the new guy started work yet?
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    Player Agents and NRLHQ

    If Greenberg is involved, expect a cover up or at least a muddied investigation not going anywhere. If Greenberg is not involved, there will be action if this thing has legs.
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    SEA EAGLES 2020......

    It will not be the dearest 30 contracts. It is if you are signed for the squad of 30. Still remember back in the late 60s and early 70s and the squad of 55 were listed in the paper to cover tbe 3 grades.
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    No 1 rule change 2020

    You may think i am crazy but Let the video refs run the game. They are meant to have better vision and there are 3 in the box. One can watch the 10metres, one watch the ruck and the other can be on the hotphone with greenberg,
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    SEA EAGLES 2020......

    Smith was signed for 2 years and i am sure he is in the top 30. Hoppa,metcalfe, schuster would be perfect for the development squad as they will need time to get over injuries and prove themselves in tbe reggies and after june 30 are available for nrl. I would have either trex or perrett on...
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    NRL has to give away semi finals tickets to Rosters V Storm

    The afl hierarchy are streets ahead of the nrl however the afl hierarchy are bagged and sound like they are crap. Every day on the radio, the commentaters and callers pick the afl to pieces.
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    2019 Memories

    I was doing the punchcards in 1980. Got the skills from filling in the original soccer pool entries.
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    2019 Memories

    The whole season. Last year, needed two discs to record the highlights. Need a hard drive for this year!
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    Brad Parker is a ginja-ninja machine!

    And, when Parker carts it up, his gangling, stumbling run can beat the first tackler and he can stumble 10 hard metres to give the team some go forward.
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    Brad Parker is a ginja-ninja machine!

    2019 Parker is better than 2018 Parker Expecting to see 2020 Parker better than 2019 Parker. Is that the upgrade we are looking for? I think that what Manly needs to keep the Salary Cap onside.
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    Manly Crowd

    There were a lot of Manly supporters there last night. I don't know what could be heard on TV but we were quite vocal at the game. Had to have been at least 40% of the crowd were Manly supporters.
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    The premiership window

    After the 2007 GF, Des Hasler went back to work on the night of that GF. Pestered his video analyst. I am guessing his 2020 season has already started.
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