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    Grand Final staying in Sydney

    I agree 100% with keeping it in Sydney The competition is built on the Sydney roots, the game is based on tradition, and I’m happy for the Grand Final to stay at its traditional base rather than be whored out to other centres. You wouldn’t see the AFL sending their GF outside of Melbourne
  2. K

    Mason Lino

    reports the Knights are trying to move him on to clear some salary space After losing Hodkinson and Elgey, he would be a very handy backup player in the squad to cover 6/7 and 9. Has performed well every opportunity he has been given in first grade the past few years, solid experienced backup...
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    RWC Refs vs NRL Refs

    Sky TV is our version of Fox and have all the serious sports on their platform, for this tournament they were outbid by a streaming company, similar to what happened in Australia with the Soccer World Cup I believe. $90 for a tournament pass, All Blacks games and a select other few are on free...
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    RWC Refs vs NRL Refs

    Haven’t watched any of it because it doesn’t interest me enough to pay for it, but I have always found the Rugby way of using the video extremely tedious tbh. Interesting to read your views on the refs as well because most of the comment I’m hearing is that they have been pretty poor
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    The Rise of Salford

    Trent Robinson goes alright with a clipboard. He let Maloney go because this kid was going to be the goods, then months later he couldn’t make the team because of his attitude
  6. K

    The Rise of Salford

    Hastings has his crack with us, but blew it Maybe he has finally taken his wake up call
  7. K


    I wouldn’t be punting a reliable backup who is versatile across the backline and banking on young guys who have talent but have only been able to display that they are injury prone so far Elliott is worth his weight in gold when you look at the availability of Tom, Parker, Hopoate and Funa the...
  8. K

    Happy Birthday Arko

    The old boy turns 90 today
  9. K

    ISC gone Dynasty Sports in for 2020

    Titans and the QLD Reds, a real history of recent success at those joints ...
  10. K

    Brings you back to reality

    It’s a hilarious game to watch, someone back in the day must have seen a bunch of seagulls fighting over a chip and wanted to replicate it Is so lame how they are going for “the flag” as well
  11. K

    Go Raiders

    Wish I’d held onto the Raiders undies I had back in 1994
  12. K

    Nick and the Sombrero

    The really dodgy part is that they published the total amount of TPAs per club and Roosters were only coming in around 200k, which was less than us...
  13. K

    Non-Manly Games [Finals Week 3, 2019]

    Interesting reading the comments about Souths getting help from the refs, I thought the Raiders were fairly well looked after last night for their first couple of tries and after the way Hodgson was stumbling he had to come off the park for an assessment but that didn’t happen
  14. K

    Toovs on The Fan

    Toovey was actually told he had the Warriors job 3 years ago, then the next day they changed their mind and went for Kearney. Many warriors fans I know still blow up about that and are desperate to get him over here
  15. K

    2019 NRL Team of the Year

    Ken Maumalo should be the winger of the year but the hype around Sivo will steal the gong off him, his numbers this year all round were massive
  16. K

    Greenberg threatened Burgess with a $25k fine and a law suit

    https://www.facebook.com/164498516934581/posts/2825714374146302?sfns=mo Great work from Adam Reynolds
  17. K

    Marty sets it straight (again).

    https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/league/115527920/nrl-manlys-former-kiwis-star-martin-taupau-felt-like-a-zoo-animal-in-contract-tug-of-war Some strong quotes in there along the lines of what I mentioned before
  18. K

    Marty sets it straight (again).

    Read an article a couple of weeks back where he basically told other clubs not to bother calling because he only wants to play at Manly
  19. K

    VERY interesting

    I don’t hate the kid, but there were a few things I didn’t rate highly in the opportunity he got. I feel he was given a chance, but didn’t take it. There were a couple of major red flags in his start at Brookie where he got hooked after 20mins and he didn’t hang around after that to try and...
  20. K

    VERY interesting

    Where is all this hate on Tom Wright ? A touch dramatic
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