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    Nearly NRL - Virtual Comp

    Comp #?
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    WCC TV Change

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    2009 - Game at Gosford

    Knights fans having money.. Surely you jest..?
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    Retro Jerseys - for around hundred bucks

    84 white or 96. Lock me in.
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    Rockers vs Silvertails had nothing on this!!

    Even with iced Vovo's?
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    Squad for the world club challenge announced

    Deadwood? W-T-F?!
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    Manly in the EPL

    'Arry and loyalty is like Spurs at "Top 4" - laughable ;) I rate Jenas, mainly because EVERY time you play us he either carves us like a turkey or scores a blinder.  Weren't Inter interested in him? But tbh, what player isn't Inter inter-rested in (ha). What's happened to big Tom H? He looked...
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    Rockers vs Silvertails had nothing on this!!

    It would take a Panzer tank imo. Back to the Rockers, you will never meet a group of more loyal, dedicated and geniune people. That is absolute fact.
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    Board meeting results, Mayer moving on

    I really don't think that would be the case. The man has coughed up over twelve million for Manly over the past five years. I can't see him stinging us a few bucks over anything. "Global Economic Crisis" or not.
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    Board meeting results, Mayer moving on

    F*cking hell.. As per previous comments, Mayer is a massive, massive loss imo.
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    Manly in the EPL

    Ramos didn't speak English? I did not know that - F*ck, he was always going to have problems then.
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    Rockers vs Silvertails had nothing on this!!

    We need a wiki for the "war" tbh.
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    Libs to block Rudd's rescue initiative

    Fine with me, it's easier than f*cking English tbh.
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    Libs to block Rudd's rescue initiative

    I remember my old boy used to have his brew sitting at about 7-9% alcohol content. It took my Grandfather one glass followed by a short stint driving the porcelain bus to force him to bring it down to 3.5%-4%.
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    Manly in the EPL

    Scolari had zero club experience. Lots of reports saying it was too overwhelming for him. Mourinho should never have left. It has nothing to do with players tbh, the only "new" players they have aquired are Deco and Anelka. From memory only Ben-Haim has left (he's garbage anyway). Read an...
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    Manly on course to self-destruct as leagues club plan falls apart

    Another wannabe Danny ****eler methinks.
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    Favourite Browser

    FF3 is ****. I don't need to see my bookmarks whenever I type in an address ffs. I know there are add ins to remove that star, but it's a pain in the a*se. Ive remained with FF2.whatever. Solid and nothing flashy. IE p*sses me off and I'm yet to try Chrome. Being a Mac-Virgin I haven't...
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    Libs to block Rudd's rescue initiative

    I trust all your complaint letters were sent to the Sydney Morning Herald after this article. http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/bishops-a-dusty-springfield-over-42b/2009/02/06/1233423461065.html
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    Manly in the EPL

    Maybe we should create a relegation thread for you CIG? ;)
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