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  1. Real Deal

    MANLY DOMINANCE MIX 1972 - 2019 - The Film

    The beaver try always makes me smile. And seeing Russell Gartner accelerate to score that try in 78 also makes me smile. How quick was he?
  2. Real Deal

    The Devolution of the Sloth

    Watching the Fibros/Silvertails doco it is amazing how bitter Gibbs and O'Grady were nearly 30 years later. The old (Nick Lowe, also John Lennon and Groucho Marx) adage "Time wounds all heels" comes to mind. What struck me was how bitter they and Roy Masters were and how nonchalant John Dorahy...
  3. Real Deal

    Happily, Manly sign Turbo brothers!!!

    Yeah, Woking, Surrey. The place is called, I think, "the Sandpit" in Horsell Common. I was visiting Brooklands at Weybridge which is a fascinating place.
  4. Real Deal

    Whats at the heart of the problem?

    It's hardly a jailing offence. Or goaling, No sorry gaoling. Bloody pedants.
  5. Real Deal

    Manase Fainu, and Church dance, and a sharp object.

    It was an argument over a chocolate bar. Steve said "That's my milky way " and in an unguarded moment Fainu objected. Stay with me on this, I'm almost with you.
  6. Real Deal

    2020 Draw out now!

    I was looking forward to a Roosters game at the SCG. Oh well, will have to wait till we get in the Grand Final.
  7. Real Deal

    Happily, Manly sign Turbo brothers!!!

    No, not enough of a fanboy to accept Shannon Noll singing anything from the album. He was in the Aussie show, anyway.
  8. Real Deal

    Happily, Manly sign Turbo brothers!!!

    I am such a fanboy when I was in the UK I visited Horsell Common where the Martian cylinder landed in the story.
  9. Real Deal

    Happily, Manly sign Turbo brothers!!!

    Well actually it was Jeff Wayne. Or Justin Hayward. My pedantry is tying me in knots. It was originally HG Wells.
  10. Real Deal

    Grand Final staying in Sydney

    I am an SCG member. As I spent my youth watching games on the old hill in the Brewongle and Sheridan Stands I dont think the SCG is that bad to watch a game. Certainly no worse than the higher sections of ANZ. My issue is the disgraceful bribery this seems to entail. The government are alredy...
  11. Real Deal

    Grand Final staying in Sydney

    Why is it that the state govt has already started building one new stadium largely at the behest of the NRL that will mainly benefit the NRL. Plus agree to a major and costly refurb of ANZ also largely to benefit the NRL, now have to cough up millions to bribe the NRL to stay in Sydney for the...
  12. Real Deal

    Viking clap, Pittsburgh towels, Brookie ....???

    Beat me to it ! You're not called MOONdog for nothing. As long as we have a picture of the great CEO Todd drawn on one cheek and Beattie on the other.
  13. Real Deal

    Daly M Snub = good outcome?

    Sorry Mark. I'm just jealous I couldn't be on the red carpet in a nice cocktail frock and stilletos.
  14. Real Deal

    Daly M Snub = good outcome?

    To hell with the Dally Ms. It was originally started by the Sydney Daily Mirror in opposition to the official Rothmans Medal for best and fairest. It still galls me that the old Rothmans medal winners don't seem to be recognised by the league. I know Matt Orford won in 2008 but apart from that...
  15. Real Deal

    Bring back ‘Up the mighty Sea Eagles’

    Way, way back on the old OEE forum I think Aaron Markie posted a link to an mp3 of the old Up the mighty Sea Eagles song. I wonder if anyone can find it.
  16. Real Deal

    Bring back ‘Up the mighty Sea Eagles’

    I have always heard "up the mighty "Sea Eagles " not "Sea Gulls." It was just shortened to fit. Interestingly the song was probably done in the late 60s or early 70s. Eagle Rock came out in 1971 and is not much newer. The tune Waltzing Matilda is much older though.
  17. Real Deal

    Bring back ‘Up the mighty Sea Eagles’

    I agree with Ella. Love the old song, a little cheesy of course. "Waltzing" almost sounds like some sort of rave party trick with MDMA and a tube of toothpaste. But it takes older timers like me back. The AFL do this much better than we do.
  18. Real Deal

    ISC gone - Dynasty Sports in for 2020

    A nice supporters "rugby" style poly cotton jersey please. Hoops, badge, no sponsors.
  19. Real Deal

    Marty sets it straight (again).

    As long as there's no backending. Literal or metaphorical.
  20. Real Deal

    Manly Crowd

    I loved the spirit of the crowd last night. It's only the second game I was at this year but the noise and support was great. Sad end to the night but proud to be a Sea Eagle fan.
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