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    Does anyone have the stats from the Manly V Roosters game? Would be interesting to see how much meters King got :blaugh:
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    When does the side get named?

    Any idea when? I thought it would have been named by now, but obviously wrong, unless it's been named just not posted?
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    Your favorite Manly player(s)

    Whose your favorite player(s)? Mine would be 1. Brent Kite 2. Anthony Watmough 3. Brett Stewart
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    What is the word on Hicks? Will he be alright to play this week or what?
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    PL in the weekend

    How did Michael Witt and Ashley Alberts play in the weekend? I haven't heard anything but interested to see if they will get picked this week against Parra.
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    Stephenson & Robertson

    Stephenson & Robertson I'm on the Rugby League 2 general chat forum and a lot of the people on there seem to think Michael Robertson is coming to Manly and Paul Stephenson is going to the dogs OR western force (rugby union) does anyone know this or are they just talking rubbish?
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    Signings for 2006?

    Has Manly only Signed Bell & Orford at the moment??? There was all that talk about Manly signing Robertson and some Roosters prop? I guess there has been word if they have signed or not?
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    Just a question...

    Would anyone know where to find, or know how long the Manly players are contracted for? I've been looking and no luck ... if anyone could help would be much appreciated.
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    Off sportsnews.com.au

    EXCLUSIVE: As the countdown to the expiration of the NRL anti-tampering deadline draws near, the competition's "most eligible bachelors" are revealed. By bachelors, let's not understand the Cleo type... Rather, let's accept them as those players who will be free to prostitute themselves to...
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    Ash Alberts contract

    I was just wondering how long is he signed with Manly for?
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    Joel VS Michael

    What do you think will happen with the Monaghan brothers? Big night for both of them - I really feel Michael will target Joel a lot. Just hope M. Monaghan smashes J. Monaghan :blaugh:
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    Well, I know he set up Donald's try against the Eels, but every other time he has the ball, what is he trying to prove or do? He has no ball skills what so ever, doesn't look for the offload or anything. He's runs from dummy half only gain about 7 metres, I really feel Des needs to put...
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    Matt King

    Is all this talk about him been linked with Manly next season all talk or have Manly spoken to him and he's been interested? Personally I think he'll be a great signing for Manly and would really help out in the back line, in defence and attack. If he were number 4 he would give great ball to...
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    Does anyone know for sure if he's going to be gone for 2 weeks or has he pulled up OK? If he is gone I dear say I hope lulu get's off so we could have at least 2 props!!! That's if King is fit also.
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    Ben Kennedy

    This was something I noticed while watching the test match on friday night, that Ben seems to show more passion for Manly than he does for Australia. I've seen in some of the trys scored Ben is often the first one there cheering them on, didn't see that once in the Australian game.
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