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    Rebel sites like the Hutch!!! (Corrected)

    She said The Hutch on radio. This thread is incorrect.
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    Should Souths do it

    Firstly Piggins didn't save them during the fightback , a behind the scenes crew did the tough stuff , George just kept the fans. He did however do the dirty hard yards during the late eighties when no one else stuck their hands up for the job. Look at the news coverage they generate when...
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    Should Souths do it

    Yes they will be better off financially but should the members lose the club ? Has it worked here at Manly. What are the pitfalls for Souths to avoid. Is it worth taking anything to get rid of Geroge Piggins ?
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    Ricko acused of young relationship!

    http://dailytelegraph.news.com.au/story.jsp?sectionid=1266&storyid=3557628[/color] Ricketson denies schoolgirl romance August 5, 2005 SYDNEY Roosters captain Luke Ricketson is tangled in a scandalous rumour romantically linking the league star to a Year 12 student from an exclusive...
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    Interesting Perspective

    http://groups.msn.com/WorldofRugbyLeague/dragons.msnw?action=get_message&mview=1&ID_Message=394169 From: Geza (Original Message) Sent: 2/08/2005 9:22 PM I had a lengthy chat with an old mate who is now an NRL official at a recent function and what he said was prettly much well known but...
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    Manly rumours everywhere - This time from Souths fans.

    No , the guy stating it is spot on 90% off the time. Two weeks ago he said Elford was going to Souths , today he signed. He is creditable.
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    Manly rumours everywhere - This time from Souths fans.

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    Daily Telegraph - " Run by Amateurs"

    Daily Telegraph - " Run by Amateurs" Well that was the "inspiration" for this piece. Bloody **** journo's , time to cop some back.
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    Daily Telegraph - " Run by Amateurs"

    Daily Telegraph - " Run by Amateurs" Daily Telegraph 'run by amateurs' By The Brow July 17, 2005 LEADING News Limited journalists have broken their silence on life at newspaper, labeling aspects of the paper as unprofessional and admitting to a lack of respect for some of the writers...
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    PRANK - Manly signs Matt Orford (not)

    Same author mate.
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    PRANK - Manly signs Matt Orford (not)

    PRANK Manly Sea Eagles Sign Matt Orford By Des Toovey The Manly Sea Eagles have today announced the signing of Matt Orford to a three-year contract. Orford , 27, is an international class halfback who has been on the verge of selection for Australia and New South Wales since 2002...
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