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    My ratings on the forwards: Kite - among his worst games in 18 months. 4/10. King - Surprisingly the best prop on park. 6/10. G Stewart - Surprised me and deserves the 13 jumper when choc is back. 8/10 Menzies - N/A Williamson - did his bit. we need more. 4/10 Rose - i thought...
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    same haig. we had a crap team then who did their best. now, we simply have incompetence in other departments.
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    hi fellas; long time no see. my take on our forward weakness involves coach hasler more than anyone else. i feel in the last few years, he has proven his over-cautious approach as our mentor. he realises 'something new' might lead to a drop in performance. unfortunately, it is also that...
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    Sea Eagles open day this Tuesday Feb 21st

    Byso, since you're coming, would you be able to help me with my request mate?
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    Bob Saunders

    Bob is an excellent worker and a great guy. He has alot to do with juniors and most recently, Bob became part of the MSE website committee alongside Zorba and Aaron Markie. The trio work together to moderate forums among other things.
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    2006 Emerging player

    Adam Cuthbertson
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    World Cup qualifiers

    Visit www.sportsnews.com.au for the number one previews of this great sporting series! Go you Socceroos!
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    Football Manager comparison

    true, chances are a better offer came, and as per the contract, dairy farmers had an opprtunity to match or better it, but chose not to.
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    Football Manager comparison

    thanks dan. cw, seems strange to just drop a sponsorship unless we're protesting about dairy farmers increasing the price of milk...which i doubt... even in our sponsors' list, dairy farmers has been replaced by strathfield. chances are there was an option to pull out from either end -...
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    Football Manager comparison

    dan, yeah, can you change my username to just Haig Kayserian or should i create a new one? byso, what do you mean by fan fair regarding strathfield?
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    Football Manager comparison

    I'd say the marketing manager Mata, who was a Mr Tony Mestrov last time i checked...although there was another bloke involved whose name currently escapes. Would help to have these lads mentioned on the website.
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    Football Manager comparison

    Matabele, i must intervene here mate. Football Manager has nothing to do with High Performance manager. Our Football Manager is in charge of player's affairs - eg; who gets an interview with which media, where they sleep on trips, what's the bus company they use, etcetera. At Manly, the...
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    Official stance on Orford

    cheers dan...
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    Official stance on Orford

    http://www.sportsnews.com.au/news.php?extend.2527 hopefully the good news by the AM!!!
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    Manly's chances for Orford just rose.....

    Manly's chances for Orford just rose..... http://www.sportsnews.com.au/news.php?extend.2408
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    crocker: bk no diver

    http://www.sportsnews.com.au/news.php?extend.2227 Crocker changes his mind on BK
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    cowboys re-sign brenton bowen - AND FIRMAN!

    he's certainly a top class halfback when on form!
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    cowboys re-sign brenton bowen - AND FIRMAN!

    http://www.sportsnews.com.au/news.php?extend.1928 thats the linke sorry...
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    cowboys re-sign brenton bowen - AND FIRMAN!

    Cowboys have re-signed the winger many though manly might want to look at after june 30... They've also signed up firman...effective NOW! <a href="http://www.sportsnews.com.au/news.php?extend.1928" rel="external">[link]</a> that's a good signing and firman an thurston will be all class in the...
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    Barrett OUT

    http://www.sportsnews.com.au/news.php?extend.1513 that's the story as we got it...
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