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  1. MadMarcus

    Cameron Smith has no sympathy for cheats

    Cam Smith has taken an interesting position in his side gig of Aussie golf commentator... Cameron Smith won't cop Reed golf excuses Not wearing his excuses, Cameron Smith expects the Melbourne crowds to stick it to Patrick Reed at this week's Presidents Cup as the fallout continued from the...
  2. MadMarcus

    Congratulations Roosters

    Obviously lots of controversy but at the end of the day the Raiders had plenty of chances and didn’t take them. The Roosters got 1 chance and took it. The Cronk call was pretty harsh as well so the controversy wasn’t all one way. If I was a Raiders fan then yes I’d be filthy, but if I was a...
  3. MadMarcus

    Can a trainer win the Clive Churchill?

    The Roosters trainer will be hard done by if he doesn’t win. The way he turned an almost certain Raiders break into a Roosters repeat set was probably one of the greatest efforts ever in a GF.
  4. MadMarcus

    Manly robbed against Warriors

    Have a read. Seems pretty clear Blake Green should’ve got 10 mins when Blair went off. We should’ve surely scored an extra try and not conceded 1 against 11 men for 10 mins. Manly robbed again...
  5. MadMarcus

    Manly stuffed up big time today

    If we won by 3 less points the Eels would’ve stayed out of the 8. I expect better next week boys. 8 Eels 10 10 5 0 5 0 215 224 -9 9 Sharks 10 10 5 0 5 0 188 199 -11
  6. MadMarcus

    Bring back Trent

    i think if Croker is out it’s time to bring Hodko back into the team. Thoughts?
  7. MadMarcus

    Tim Moltzen

    Interesting story here... too often I think we can all forget these blokes are actually real people who give their all for the sport... https://outline.com/FN5ExE
  8. MadMarcus

    Greatest premiers of the 21st century - vote now nrl.com

    It’s probably another rigged result given the reputation of the organisation that is running it, but it’s worth a shot to vote for the team who won a GF by the BIGGEST SCORE EVER against a team that was CHEATING (even though that feat didn’t rate a mention in the intro)...
  9. MadMarcus

    Manly robbed as dirty Roosters tactics go unpenalised

    Well I’ve just about seen it all now. Almost every time we ran towards the Roosters they grabbed us and brought us to the ground. Sometimes it was even quite aggressive. I believe they call this dirty technique “tackling”. Some of our players even got mud on their jerseys, and the refs did...
  10. MadMarcus

    It’s official - refs are right, everyone else who watched the game was wrong

    In other refereeing talking points from the weekend, Sutton said the off-side ruling against Joel Thompson in Manly's match against Melbourne was correct, with the ball travelling forward off Trent Hodkinson to Thompson, who then played at the ball. “So it was a correct decision to award a...
  11. MadMarcus

    Matt Lodge's bank loan - would you approve it?

    So the Broncos and the NRL expect us to believe Matt Lodge has (by himself) obtained a bank loan to pay his victims. Based on the information in the public domain, his application should look something like this: Applicant Name: Matt Lodge Amount: $1,600,000 Purpose: Funds will be sent...
  12. MadMarcus

    Guess the crowd - Eels v Souths

    At the game’s magnificent centrepiece stadium, a wonderful advertisement for the big stadiums policy, 2 of the most popular clubs in the comp are facing off tonight. Who wants to guess the crowd? The person with the closest guess wins everlasting respect on Silverails. My guess is 752...
  13. MadMarcus

    Lol @ Norths

    New twist in Carney switch as former clubs chase cash By Christian Nicolussi 22 May 2018 — 12:00am Todd Carney's hopes of resurrecting his career in Sydney have stalled, with former club Northern Pride demanding $15,000 in compensation and the North Queensland Cowboys also claiming to be out of...
  14. MadMarcus

    Api sin binning

    I am outraged that Walks and Jake have their own threads and Api doesn’t have one. He got sin binned too. I would also like to take this opportunity to spell “sin binning” a different way to the other 2 threads.
  15. MadMarcus

    Storm in crisis as players refuse to play with Brodie Croft

    Storm in crisis as players refuse to play with Brodie Croft A storm is brewing in Melbourne which could well see the ultimate demise of the club best known for creating new ways to cheat and losing a grand final by 40 points to nil (while cheating). Rising star Brodie Croft has reportedly had...
  16. MadMarcus

    How Will Teflon Todd....

    From Rothfield's column today... NO ACTION ON AGENTS MORE than 12 months ago the NRL told us player managers involved in the Parramatta Eels salary cap scandal would have their accreditation revoked. To this day, nothing has happened. NRL sources have told us that up to 10 agents were found to...
  17. MadMarcus

    AFL, rugby union or soccer?

    Which football code will everyone be following now rugby league is officially "entertainment"? I will always cherish the memories. RIP RL 2017
  18. MadMarcus

    Here comes the vomit...

    NRL Finals 2017: Who to support if your team is eliminated Matt Bun 1. Parramatta Eels Which leaves us with only one logical choice. The Eels have been the feel-good story of the year, and have finished in the top four for the first time since 2005. Their last finals appearance was that...
  19. MadMarcus

    Malcolm Knox for NSW Sports Minister and NRL CEO

    Suburban grounds can make the NRL a crowded marketplace Malcolm Knox Whoever thinks that the drop in NRL crowds can be arrested by a $700 million transformation of the Olympic Stadium must have had their brain re-shaped from an oval to a rectangle. It's simply wrong, and it's offensive to...
  20. MadMarcus

    The Hasson Herald

    It seems one of our former greats is having some trouble in the UK. HASSON SLAMS FORMER CLUB Former NRL player James Hasson has hit out at Super League club Salford, who he claims treated him “like a piece of meat”. Hasson joined the Red Devils from Parramatta in May, but he played just four...
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