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  1. J

    Tipping Comp Tab

    Hey Dan congrats on getting a full round.... :cool: I`m just wondering is there anyway you could make that tab better, because i hover over it with me cursor but it doesnt drop down & let me access the tipping comp ladder, maybe you could make it that when you click on the tab a list drops down...
  2. J

    I was shocked..

    having not had a banana in about 2yrs (because i wasn`t going to pay them prices)i was suprised to see them for $1.99 kg in big writing i use to just look past them before hahahaha
  3. J


  4. J

    now that we

    I wonder how this forum will be this offseason.. I have spent 2 offseason with silvertails now & as most know its not pretty.. But This offseason we are premiers we have retained most players we wanted .. Des is still with us.. Gonna be a boring one in here i think hahahahaha.. Hope the...
  5. J

    The low down ..

    http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/league-news/the-game-plans-that-premiership-dreams-will-be-made-of-this-sunday-20110929-1kzg6.html Just a write up i come across
  6. J

    manly get the blame

    http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/rebecca-wilson-blaming-manly/story-fn7r8ye7-1226124896185 rebecca fukn mole wilson blaming Manly..
  7. J


    I tried to put it up as a news item just didnt work.. http://www.nrl.com/TelstraPremiership/MatchCentre/tabid/10999/Default.aspx#matchid=1333&tab=Preview
  8. J

    FiNALLY This.. its all that matters 2pts

    http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/live-panthers-v-sea-eagles/story-e6frexnr-1226100733661 A Journo sees it how i do ..
  9. J

    Three horse race

    A little write up i came across.. http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/league-news/out-of-our-way--why-selfishness-is-not-a-dirty-word-for-nrls-top-trio-20110721-1hqze.html[hr] There has to be a mistake there.. DCE isn`t a kiwi is he ???
  10. J


    :P wooden spoon
  11. J


    Just letting the ones know.. my page got disabled.. thats why im not there .. have to wait & see what they have to say, before i know whether i have to make a new one or not.. :sleepy: :rolleyes:
  12. J

    whats the go..

    Whats the f`n go with the price of banana`s these days?? i can buy a kilo of t-bone steak cheaper than a kilo of banana`s.. Did you QLD`ers finally find a rort hey hold NSW to ransom over the Banana pricing. Seriously that bad weather spell was like 3months ago surely we should have...
  13. J

    half way mark report ..

    lol i see the gallop joke is in... took this from the league HQ site, couldn`t be bothered with all the other teams analysis, just got a laugh from the last sentence on our report :P.. The Sea Eagles Like all teams, they've had their distractions - a few wee indiscretions, the Mormon...
  14. J


    The 1st try in his NRL career will be the one he will remember the most, not a bad run , had a lot of work to do in front of him, beat 4 . Easily his best game to date, he is starting to take it to the line more, Foran must be rubbing off on him.. It`s all starting to gel.. ;)
  15. J

    registration date ATT DAN

    Hey Dan, i have noticed now that my registration date is always the date i log in .. i signed up about 2weeks ago nearly but..keeps saying i registered today.. could this be why i cant put my tips in either ?? & why when i resigned & you released this user name for me didn`t it add all the...
  16. J


    Hey guys back again..:P thanks Dan... :) how good are we going.. young blokes powering.. HOPPA`S a deadset champion.. cheering :D GO MANLY... pity we have to play 14 & the video ref everyweek.. but atleast we started off better than the alst 2 seasons .. [hr] awww i`m junior again...
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