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  1. D

    2020 membership count

    Must have been someone else then!:p
  2. D

    2020 membership count

    Hey Rob, I saw you awhile ago in a Storm number one jersey with King Billy on the back of it, I thought you'd switched sides? ;)
  3. D

    Club news

    Get in contact with Blacktown Rob: I'm sure they would love to have you onboard, you also have experience in helping out from before.
  4. D

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    Definitely needs to get out of the environment he lives in. The tape and now this means something isn't good.
  5. D

    Open training session - NRL Squad @ Blacktown

    Nearly as long as the famous or infamous Conga line (Sarge) ;) They were the hard and rough days of Manly. Good though!!!
  6. D

    Is there any signing verifications? And Top 30.

    Hi Blake who replied to you here?
  7. D

    OK Crusher - Mission Fiji

    good on you Cam, love you can have a joke about it. Don't worry, mine is Aaron Groom, :clap:
  8. D

    Brayden Musgrove

    What worries me is why is he being let go with Ramien going as well? Local kid from up there too. Love to know why as he looks impressive on the clips.
  9. D

    Sea Eagles $10M deal to keep Trbojevics

    I know you were a huge fan of him. Maybe he will end up at the Eagles one day.
  10. D

    Sea Eagles $10M deal to keep Trbojevics

    Get Oliver Clark as well!!! Heard he ain't at Panthers anymore?
  11. D

    Not on our Turf!

    5 of my mates all drove up and what a day. Mad crowd!!!
  12. D

    Blacktown this week.

    Killing someone is still different to hitting or abusing someone. Killing someone for the family name or not marrying the person someone has chosen for you is horrendous. Killing a family member because they walk away from the faith is horrendous. Murder is the name.
  13. D

    omnipotent beings discussion

    Hi, I don't really want to go down this track of debate that will go nowhere but antagonism. Here are a few verses where this is mentioned as against God's will. Please here me, it is written that many other things as well are against God's desire. This is just one of them. 4. 1 Corinthians...
  14. D

    omnipotent beings discussion

    He does but forgiving someone and speaking what he believes in from the Bible are two different things.
  15. D

    omnipotent beings discussion

    He didn't tell them how to live but that it isn't the way God wants them to live.
  16. D

    omnipotent beings discussion

    He writes something that he believes in. It's his opinion and if you don't believe in God, how does it affect you? Aren't you wise enough to say that it isn't true? I think gay people have awful experiences from being bashed, ridiculed and tormented everyday at school to really worry about a guy...
  17. D

    Eagles U18 reps

    Sadly, Schuster can be up and down in performance. The two games I went too, very very quiet.
  18. D

    Morgan ‘Lance’ Boyle

    Des sees him at training so thinks there's something there so maybe patience is required?
  19. D


    Match report: A great win after being down 12-4. It didn't look our day and then the team just clicked and steamrolled the Roosters. Winger Daniel Ala absolutely killed it with kick returns, runs and kicks goals. He was so impressive and easily our best back. Both props did lots of great work...
  20. D

    What Des has inherited

    Even better, compare it to the 2008 team (yeah)
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