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  1. K

    Youth gems

    We obviously had a good HM side. The following had big wraps.. to name a few. Albert Hopoate Ben Trbojevic Daniel Ala Joshua Schuster Kaeo Weekes Any idea what they do now that the season is over? Can they be called up to the under 20s side? Too young? How do we develop these guys further?
  2. K

    Credit where credit is due

    Well played Barrett. I have been very critical.. and one win wont change my opinion.. YET... but today i saw a very well coached side in defence and attack. I saw a team spirit within the playing group. Defence was good in round 1 and 3. Round 2 we had 20 minutes of madness. We have 1...
  3. K

    [Resurrected] The Trent Vent

    Enoughs enough. Results driven business. Dont blame the injuries. Toovey never got that luxury. We were **** from round 1 anyway. Barrett out!
  4. K

    Snake to 5/8

    With rumours everyone wants Foran I am resigned to him leaving. Warriors would have so many sponsors lined up over there to get him with Johnson. I think we should move Brett to 5/8 of he doesn't leave as well. Top up his contract if we have to keep him happy. We have so many full back...
  5. K

    Choc on Nein

    I like Watmough and I do want him to stay however he appears unhappy and chats to Wielder at every opportunity. First with Glenn Stewart unhappy that we let him go. Now hes unhappy were not releasing Matai. Which is it? He should have a media ban. I just don't get what he gets out of talking to...
  6. K

    penalty was costly

    6-0 up. We looked like fire. Penalty awarded. We kick for goal? Why? We lose the ball off the kick off they score. Negative play. Under des we use to take the tap and go for the throat. Big momentum swinger. Who made the call?
  7. K

    Favourite moment in the GF?

    Remember we won the GF this year? We didnt get to enjoy it supposedly. What was your favourite moment in the grand final this year. In 08 was hands down Beaver scoring. 2011 - no real standout like that.. but for mine its the try for Cherry Evans. Pretty much knew we had it once he scored.
  8. K

    Bulldogs fans

    I had a visit to the Kennel forums. Had a quick read. They are laughing at this forum and our fans being upset. Im actually not that upset Des is going. He did well with us and probably couldnt take us any further. Bulldogs fans talking about us in a negative manner is hilarious. 3 GF...
  9. K

    Brett Stewart - Gone?

    Theres alot of rumours going around that Brett Stewart and Kieran Foran have a get out clause if Des goes. Word is they will both follow suit. If this is true.. and i love Brett Stewart as much as the next Manly supporter.. i will be even more disappointed in him than i am with Des. Manly...
  10. K

    Another win,.. but form is concerning.

    We've won another game.. we keep putting away the average sides.. but since we have beaten the dragons.. we haven't been in peak form. Parra, Souths, Penrith and Dogs = all beaten.. JUST. Compared to the first 10 rounds.. these last 10 rounds have been below par. Im not sure if its because...
  11. K

    Who do you drop next week??

    Wow. Hate to be Dessie. Robbo returns next week.. our whole backline was on fire tonight. Hoppa? on current form never.* Wolfman.. starting to get his old form back. Brett - never in a million years. Leave Robbo out? Totally unfair top try scorer. been brilliant. *I would think as...
  12. K

    Salary cap problems

    With the youngsters absolutely killing it.. i am concerned about us being able to keep them. Hoppa and Buhrer are off contract and possibly Oldfield?... The way Hoppa and Buhrer are playing week in and week out.. there will be other clubs throwing big money at them.. Do we have much...
  13. K

    Manly side for Round 1

    Okay we have had our trials. Whats the line up going to be.. I noticed that Oldfield and T Rex were in the centres against the warriors.. could be a battle for Matai's spot. 1. Brett Stewart 2. Michael Robertson 3. Jamie Lyon 4. Michael Oldfield 5. David Williams 6. Kieran Foran 7. Daly...
  14. K

    David Williams - Media Ban?

    Before a trial match? Great publicity............. Its a trial match Dessie!! They just did a nice peice on the Williams brothers and Fox said that was the reason Wolfie wasnt interviewed. I cant understand it.
  15. K

    News on Bretts Injury

    Moving on from the case now... To the injury. On Radio.. Lowe said that both Brett and Wolfman are expected to start in Round  Although at the same time he sounded clueless. Channel 9 reported that Brett is well in recovery and will start training in November.... Any other news?
  16. K

    Foran re-signing 4 year deal!

    Kieran Foran to ink new Manly deal    * By Steve Gee    * From: The Daily Telegraph New deal ... Kieran Foran. Source: The Daily Telegraph BOOM Manly playmaker Kieran Foran is poised to ink a new four year deal with the Sea Eagles as the club looks to shore up its halves following...
  17. K

    Backline tries

    I dont have any stats to back up my claim.. but our forwards outscoring our backs ? Seems like our forwards have scored more tries than our backs. Robbo must have 4 or 5? Same amount as Rose? Compare if Stewart was there he would have about 17.. Robbo would have twice as many as T Rex on the...
  18. K

    Things we know.......

    1) We need Brett Stewart.. and hes back next week 2) Neumann is rubbish and should never play again in the NRL let alone Manly 3) Hall King Choc and G Stewart Perry and Kite.. wake up to yourselves.. soft. 4) Ballin v Le Strange - game time is not even...can anyone get the stats on how many...
  19. K

    Bani or Williams?

    I prefer Bani. I think hes the best winger at the club. Williams is great.. but who do you leave out? Robertson is probably the one to miss out...but theres sentiment there with Robbo. Its a tough call. Bani was amazing today watching the replay. Great pace at times.
  20. K

    Will experience be an issue this season?

    On paper our team looks pretty strong.. if not stronger than last year. But weve lost ALOT of experienced players and older heads. Bell Bryant Williamson and ofcourse Beaver. Weve already seen the impacts of the off the field situation.. could it have been prevented with the older heads...
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