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    thanks max!

    thanks max! he showed so much faith in our great club and the time is right. we wont have sponsor problems. i know i will never forget max and what he achieved for the mighty sea eagles. MAX DELMEGE YOU ARE THE LEGEND!
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    time will tell

    for years i listened to you all say the pricess is **** **** and needs to go, then there was mona. and yet he is the creativity we are missing. princess is showing the potential us loyal fans knew he would.. but monas left because you all said how **** he was.. well now i wanna know who you...
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    The Beaver! none better in the game! He is a one club man, an emazing talent and the most talented try scoreing forward the game has ever seen! never doing wrong in and out of rugby league..... now this is the player we want our children looking up to. he should be an imortal and the face of...
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    cuthbertson the answer

    he is young and has so much abilty, the guy gets better every year. although to fill the void several players need to start filling there boots! watmough and king especially. rose should improve more. lets give the young guys a chance to go for it!
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    thanks beaver!

    what a player, a club man and through and through an eagle all the way! what makes it more special is to think he stuck it out with the club through all the bad times. during this period he could have earned much better money else where, but stayed with club he loves so much. next home game we...
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    my thought is you really only need one coach! my question is will dessie ever get the best out of our boys and does he know how? i think he should have talks with bob fulton, see what advice he has. its only early for hasler as a coach i mean and he will learn more as time goes on. what i...
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    who will suffer at th...

    who will be the first team to suffer a a big loss to Manly. not if but when manly clicks totally who do you think we will destroy first and why them! for me round 8 against the EELS, by that stage we things should gel more and because i hate parramatta. ( how they are under the salery cap...
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    for years i have listened to manly supporters say we need qaulity centres! right now we have bell who will probably play for qld and matai who will soon get a start for NZ, as good as lyon is he wont get us where we want to be! my opinion is if we get him great but if not big deal! We still...
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    willo and RYAN

    Just the fact this bloke can play anywhere and always gives 100% would get a start in many sides! A good perfomance from KING in the trials and Ryan finds someone else to hack. This guy can get better too and me thinks he will! GO WILLO!!!
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    Anyone know what time is kick off for the roosters trial game?
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    With a few additions to our forward pack and bryant on the rise im sure king will step up. How ever in my opinion its his last chance. We all know he could be great, he has the size to be intimidating. and if he isnt up to the task there is a couple of GIANTS who will be waiting for a shot at...
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    And the headlines read?

    ORFORDS EAGLES Its early i know but im starting to get real excited about the season to come. The Orford facter has me looking forward to this season a little more than normal!' Ive watched tapes of his games laast year and his ability to make players arround him look good is amazing. i also...
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    rose one step closer

    with the shock departure of hecks. rose will almost be certain for a regular spot on the bench. i think this guys going to be great for us. i like his attitude. shame about hecks though always gave 100% so i guess this also means that queeny will keep his spot to. still hope its the king not queen.
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    the eight

    with many teams injured stars on the come back, next season wont get any easier! bulldogs newcastle roosters then theres this years eight teams. and who knows after recent seasons probably another low rated team will lift to better things. find it hard thinking about all this maybe...
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    Unreal is it me or does time slow down in the off season with a new season just around the corner?
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    There has been lots to cry over in recent years, but lets hope we are coming good. first step made the eight. but the management of the club the players and even the coaching staff should become members of this site and listen to what some have to say. then they might see how much suppoters...
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    Lyon, never a mention!

    After an impressive season in super league,Award winning might i add, Tahu injured! And he is here in the country. hello Australian selectors! would be good to see the current aussie team plunder with selctors going for the was and not is. I can think of about 10 other players who should be...
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    [poll] PLACE YOUR BETS

    if next year see's an eighth differant team win the comp in the last eight years. very possible!
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    my team, whats yours and why?

    This team looks better than last year and yes a certain forward needs to pick up his act, not mentioning any queen in particular. not sure what des will do with the wing and centre options but certainly looks creative enough. What changes to this side would you make and why...
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    peter squared, not that bright!

    im of the opinion this bloke supports parra. i think that says it all! still what a dick head!
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