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    The Manly Way

    Only episode 1 and I'm sure there will be a more in depth detail of individual players and staff with further episodes. This was more just a preview of the whole series as an insight of what's to come. Like you I loved it and as fans we want to see how our team and players prepare for...
  2. Rackets

    Michael Ennis

    I wonder whether he's the reason Manly back-flipped on releasing Lawton. Maybe he sees something others haven't. Let's hope so and he can get the best out of him and of course the other boys.
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    Lachlan Croker

    Can he now pass the pen over to Haumole please.
  4. Rackets

    Club News 2023

    Has he bought a new Toyota and wants to improve its performance? I'd stick with the Turbocharged Saab 😉
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    Corey returns

  6. Rackets

    Dally M 2023 discussion

    Fifi should give his award to Foz for making him get off his lazy a**e
  7. Rackets

    Josh Aloiai

    As much as I despise Ennis, I think his appointment in this instance as a veteran, tenacious and gritty dummy half will be extremely beneficial for both Gordy and Froggy. So with Ennis there in some capacity, he'll be all over their game time and rotation I'm sure.
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    [Resurrected] NRL Lookalikes....

    My favourite Bellamy / Navratilova
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    [Resurrected] NRL Lookalikes....

    The obvious one
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    Game Day: Manly v Tigers [Round 27, 2023]

    Sick of these commentators talking about the chooks and vermon, seriously just commentate this game or are they having a sook they didn't get that game. Shut up Voss
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    Game Day: Warriors v Manly [Round 25, 2023]

    I get that Frogz but what I'm saying is they make quick decisions for the warriors and with us it's like they're trying to find something to take the try off us. Ruebans was a try and taken off us, yet Harris'try got 1 look and given. Did that ball touch grass or was it held up?
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    Game Day: Warriors v Manly [Round 25, 2023]

    I love how when the warriors score the ref blows try immediately and bunker has 1 look and try confirmed. When Manly score the bunker has 1000 looks to try and find an error and take it of us. The NRL will do whatever it takes to not have Manly make the finals.Good luck in the Parra chooks game...
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    I'm just Proud they had a Real go...

    It was great to see them throwing the ball around and play some nice footy as apposed to the boring one out hit ups. The players also looked like they were enjoying that style of play. Maybe an opportunity to get the Walker brothers in as attacking that will be something to see
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    Knock on - held - NO it's a try

    I hope it does happen in the finals especially the GF. Maybe then this stupid NRL might do something about it rather than having Anusley pop up every Monday apologising for their fk ups. We won't be there so how nice will it be if it happens to one of the darling teams...... they'll never hear...
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    Game Day: Manly v Penrith [Round 24, 2023]

    This is why the top teams keep "winning" because they get all the calls go their way and why the bottom teams keep suffering. This game is officiated in the most biased way possible with absolutely no accountability. It's ridiculous and needs an investigation
  16. Rackets

    Game Day: Manly v Penrith [Round 24, 2023]

    Another Anusley excuse and apology on Monday. How many teams have these incompetent refs screwed over this year. Then you have a million dollar bunker that is not allowed to go back and fix the howler that it was designed to do. This is why it's not a world sport.... amateurs
  17. Rackets

    The Penn, the Barrett, and the Seibold.

    💩, 💩 and 💩
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    Game Day: Roosters v Manly [Round 23, 2023]

    The chooks were given the warning on the first half yet we get a player sent to the bin! You're cheating ahole Klein
  19. Rackets

    Game Day: Roosters v Manly [Round 23, 2023]

    Playing the chooks into form. Won't be surprised if they finish above us at season end
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    Game Day: Roosters v Manly [Round 23, 2023]

    Sick of this one out running constantly from dummy half. We create chances when spreading the ball and have scored some of the best tries on the back of that
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24 13 11 -24 32
24 13 11 -137 32
24 12 12 59 30
24 12 12 13 30
24 12 12 4 30
24 11 12 6 29
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24 9 15 -126 24
24 7 17 -331 20
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