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    Is Jaxson Paulo a starter

    problem at the moment is tuipilotu, paulo and vaega are all nsw cup standard wingers as well as Clayton Faulalo who was leading try scorer in that comp last year. Need one of these guys to have a standard out year for us to have a complete backline. I think Paulo is signed as a depth signing and...
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    My 2 most interesting

    I think the clear problem for manly over the last few years is that we smash the teams in the bottom 8 and we loose to the teams in the top eight. My 2 most interesting players heading into this 2024 season are Paseka / Lodge and Koula. For Paseka / Lodge we need a front row leader to face up...
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    Is Luke brooks the piece we’ve been missing

    i'm sure during the pre season tom will teach koula how to roam effectively just like tom does when he plays centre in origin. I think Garrick will be playing right centre and koula left centre to get koula in the game more. This is because when we go right we usually go short ball to olakau'ata...
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    2024 MWSE Line-up

    1. turbo 2. saab 3. koula 4. garrick 5. tuipilotu 6. brooks 7. cherry 8. lodge 9. croker 10. paseka 11. olakau'ata 12. schuster 13. jake 14. gordie 15. sipley 16. bullemor 17. burbo cover backs fullback -koula and garrick covered by parker and talau at centre wing - vaega (tuipilotu - need...
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    NRL FOX Predicted 2024 Ladder

    From a Manly supporter 1. penrith 2. broncos 3. storm 4. roosters 5. rabbits 6. manly 7. warriors 8. cowboys 9. sharks 10. parra 11. raiders 12 knights 13. dolphins 14. titans 15. bulldogs 16. tigers 17. dragons
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    Jason Saab

    I think this will be a great move for Sabby to help toughen him up. Previously he has just been used as a ferrai and a finisher on our right wing and yes he may score tries but lacked run meters. But now hopefully after his stint of boxing he can add some muscle and aggression that will help him...
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    Club News 2024

    Only reason why we still have them in the top 30 is that we contracted them for the season a couple seasons ago. There will be players outside the 30 that are better players and will play more games.
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    Club News 2024

    The 2 spots left should be Dean Matterson who was our rookie of the year last year and is good cover for a utility role off the bench and Nathan Brown as we will be one spot light for middle forwards in the first 8 weeks with Lodge being out and he has experience and will get worse as the season...
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    Who do we bring in

    With Jake Toby moving to the Melbourne Storm for 2024 Bailey Hodgson's purpose in coming to Manly would be playing fullback for Blacktown workers. For first grade we have Koula and Garrick as fullback cover.
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    Nathan Brown

    Seibold's strategy is to build a "competition for spots" and this is where the standards are lifted in training. Ultimately, if we have 5 forwards challenging for 3 bench spots this means that everyone has to train harder and try and get better. The standards of the club aren't set by the run on...
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    Woods Stayski

    keepie was costing us 500k and that money is now being used for lodge and apparently will be playing most of the season. Brown for anything less than 300k is a great win
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    Lachlan Croker

    well all sounds happy and good but froggy will need to take hit ups for around 100m if he starting lock and I don't think he can do it
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    Addin Fonua-Blake

    Probably won't have that problem because i'm sure we only have 500k from keepie and 600 from aloiaik and that's not enough for both. Happily take AFB for a mil
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    No 1 position we need to fill for 2024

    if it means using the 500k we were going to use for lodge from keepie and the 600k for Aloiai to go to super league so be it. Offer 1 mil for 4 seasons
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    Addin Fonua-Blake

    okay explain it to me then...
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    Addin Fonua-Blake

    I just remembered we actually haven't offically signed Lodge's contract. I believe he was taking Keepie's salary of 500k a season and it was a straight swap. So why don't we use the 500k from Keepie then 600K from Alioai and chuck 1.1 million in on him. If he gets offered 1.2 for a bottom 3 club...
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    Addin Fonua-Blake

    Concerns would be from; Dragons especially if Manu doesn't sign because they had 1.2 mil for him Tigers they got 1.1 mil free since handing Brooks over Dogs they did have around 1.6 mil free since Pagai and Thompson both on 800k left with them currently having Liam Knight starting front row so...
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    Addin Fonua-Blake

    He would be demanding upwards of 850 probably around 900 if he wants to come here. I say get rid of Aloiai to the super league and let schuster go to the dragons and play 6 for 500k. 600k from Aloiai and 500k from Schuster and like that we have 1.1 million to go for AFB who's just what we need...
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    Oshay on the move?

    If I was a neutral supporter has only watched a few games I would rate Nathan Brown and Josh Aloiai as on the same salary. Both of them can change a game through naturally aggressive forwards, both lack consistency with miss tackles and penalties, both can play front row and fill in at lock if...
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    Oshay on the move?

    look at my post on the Schuster article one because I agree with you with ur comment but there is no one on the market or even for next year who can play that role that we need.
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