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  1. manly al

    Turbo good to go

    Of course hope that he can have a blinder of a year for Manly and finally a better run on the injury front but by the same token , no certainty that he would be a walk up start at S O O Best , Mitchell , Crichton probably ist choices in the centres , maybe even Staggs . Probably Teddy at...
  2. manly al

    Is Luke brooks the piece we’ve been missing

    Was worth a shot giving Shu a crack at 6 last season but in the same instance , was going against the trend of the type and style of the 6 role at N R L level for some time now . More sharp attacking and open running type individuals more the norm . Shu did not help matters with his regular...
  3. manly al

    Is Jaxson Paulo a starter

    Think that it was just more then just a bit of conjecture that Garrick could transition to a centre role next season . Could have just been a part inducement factor to encourage him to re sign last season with the suggestion [ or his stated preference to play again there ] but did eventuate in...
  4. manly al

    Is Luke brooks the piece we’ve been missing

    Shu has or ideally can still have some good late footwork when he takes on a defensive line . Also have not regarded him previously or primarily as a direct hole runner but again has seemed to have that knack to beat opposition defences with that bit of deceptive late footwork . Plus still...
  5. manly al

    My 2 most interesting

    Gordie definitely of keen interest to provide some point of difference in ruck attack when Froggy needs a rest and when the ruck area should be a bit more open . Definitely has that ability to get his side on the front foot to good effect . Lawton just not offering enough in a similar role ...
  6. manly al

    Is Luke brooks the piece we’ve been missing

    Just hope that Brooks can form or develop a good understanding in defensive reads with whoever else plays on his side . Just too many occasions also last season with Shu as the 6 , poor reads and positioning starting there and throwing the rest of the defensive line out of kilter . Especially...
  7. manly al

    What has ST become?

    Always is a requirement for any N R L club to have or consider their share of fringe players or prospects to balance a cap arrangement . Requirement after that is to try to get the best out of these type of squad members as someone like Bellemy still seems quite adept at doing . Maybe less...
  8. manly al

    Addin Fonua-Blake

    May have been on the viable category side if say Alioia and Lodge "s contracts were substituted for A F B and it is still one more season away apparently in any case . So really just speculation where and how things may eventually pan out and taking into account his own specific club...
  9. manly al

    Is Jaxson Paulo a starter

    Wouldn 't underestimate Faulalo "s ability to improve even more and eventually come into some consideration for a i st grade wing spot if an opportunity does emerge. Obviously not yet exposed to the full pressure of i st grade footy in an outside back position or full back but obviously also a...
  10. manly al

    Jamie Humphreys

    Certainly would not think so in defence , probably could offer a bit more variation in attack and directing play . A bit of reasonable tactical kicking by both if required . Croker a bit more to offer in the short term . on present indications Sill regard Humphries offering more future value...
  11. manly al

    Turbo good to go

    Sort of half expected for some time that Turbo would do a Tedesco and manage a relatively injury free career after some challenging early on injury plagued times . Alas , has exceeded that point now and not sure what to expect but to still have the hope that he can finally experience some...
  12. manly al

    Is Jaxson Paulo a starter

    Won 't be a walk up start for Paulo but must have a bit going for him just from the limited references that i have noticed . Tippytoes was showing some improved form for a good part of last season so no doubt will be providing some genuine competition . Ray Ray always has a decent go and...
  13. manly al

    Jamie Humphreys

    Still would not generally rate Weekes limited i st grade appearances on the dud side though certainly on the disappointing side . Not the most competitive of oppositions at the time but went O K as the run on full back against the Dogs at the end of season 22 . Then some good touches in the...
  14. manly al

    Club News 2024

    Interesting references to Humphries , had the impression that his best prospects were as a future 7 at a higher level . Froggy has put in some great efforts , Gordy is showing excellent promise but now Humphries apparently in the frame . Guess that time will tell . Faulalo has that bit...
  15. manly al

    How we will win the comp in 2024

    Maybe a bit light on in the 6 department if Brookes is sidelined for whatever time but naturally hope that he will not be . Not sure if Arthur can provide the necessary input there to make an adequate replacement . Shu unlikely to be moved back there unless really desperate , Latu Fainu and...
  16. manly al

    Jamie Humphreys

    Wouldn "t say that Weekes was in the dud category with the majority of his few i st grade appearances this season . Had a couple of good touches when tried as a 9 sub , bit out of his depth when he started as the 6 in that early season game against the Panthers but Manly played quite poorly...
  17. manly al

    Corey Waddell

    Bully and Sipley on end of season form would have to be rated ahead of Alioia . Alioia , if his fitness level is up to par will get an opportunity to establish himself again during Lodge"s recovery time . Hope that he can regain some overall good level form and shake off his injury woes...
  18. manly al

    Jamie Humphreys

    Seems a very tradesman like 7 and good overall ability . Have to take into account from a general club perspective that Latu Fainu was given an opportunity ahead of him at Blacktown last season in the halves while Jamie was apparently alternating between a 7 and 9 role at Flegg Probably not...
  19. manly al

    Preseason 2024

    Not sure if Faulalo is in the development squad or on a train and trial for i st grade but presume is still contracted to Blacktown irrespective . Certainly had. a very impressive season for Blacktown in 23 . Might see Humphries being given a run the halves for next season 's ist grade trials ...
  20. manly al

    Zac Fulton

    Played quite a few games [ Zac ] at centre for Blacktown this season also , good versatility to whatever degree but maybe not helping his back row development . Certainly showed some promise in that i st grade debut last season , Sure that there has been plenty of attention trying to get him...
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