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  1. Michael Clare

    Club News 2024

    I am actually excited about Brown and Lodge coming into our ranks. Both players unpredictable and yes have had issues off the field, but they both have a point to prove and will bring a much-needed injection of "tough guy" mentality to our squad. This element has arguably been missing in recent...
  2. Michael Clare

    Your preferred 2024 side

    I'm a Sipley fan pure and simple.
  3. Michael Clare

    Was that a Dangerous tackle ?

    The referee was out of his depth, overwhelmed by crowd, incompetent or biased ... just not sure which one it is!
  4. Michael Clare

    Seibs Going Right Off at Presser.

    Too many rules open to interpretation by referees. Too many decisions that defy common-sense. Too much money involved in gambling. Too many stoppages going to the bunker. Too many "six agains". Too many sin bins. Too many press conferences on Monday saying refs got it wrong. Too many matches...
  5. Michael Clare

    Seibs Going Right Off at Presser.

    Worst refereeing peformance of the year ... and that's saying something given the joke that refereeing has become this season. Those repeated "six agains" to the warriors were a joke and Garrick was plainly a victim of dangerous play. Only the bunker and that so-called referee seemed to think...
  6. Michael Clare

    Cross-Forum-Discussion Round 23 2023 Cross Forum Chat

    The six-again rule has become boring, predictable and too subject to utterly inconsistent interpretations by referees. It's ironic that when a team is attacking close to the line the game is almost back to the days of the tedious unlimited tackle rule eliminated in the 1960's. Referees give a...
  7. Michael Clare

    Are We Fit Enough

    I thought the refereeing was focussed on a grandstand finish frankly. Some of those penalties were fifty-fifty at best and the Sharks got on a roll against a side with players unable to come back on due to injury.
  8. Michael Clare

    Paseka injury... why is there crickets on what Sharks did to him?

    Wise words there feathered friend. Some players are clearly more equal than others. That tackle went virtually unnoticed, and it was far worse than a hip drop in my eyes.
  9. Michael Clare

    Pre-Game Manly v Roosters [Round 18, 2023]

    Sadly, just can't see us winning this game. The Roosters will want it more than us. Hope to be proven wrong though.
  10. Michael Clare

    MVP: Rd 13 v The ‘Ponga Is A Protected Species’ Knights

    Manly v Newcastle at Newcastle is always a refereeing one-way, biased affair. It is the one game of the year I can barely bring myself to watch because it always happens up there no matter what referee is in charge.
  11. Michael Clare

    Why is the team consistently flat?

    Agreed, but I think DCE is the obvious exception at present. He can't try any harder!
  12. Michael Clare

    Post-Game Discussion Manly v Broncos [Round 10, 2023]

    I I agree that some teams do it far better than we do. Cronulla were very effective in showing how it's done when they played us. We could or even should be clever and do the same given the current laxity on this rule by referees, but our lack of speed admittedly makes this difficult. I cringe...
  13. Michael Clare

    Post-Game Discussion Manly v Broncos [Round 10, 2023]

    Walking off the mark has been a blight on the game for a number of years and yet is rarely discussed and plainly not even seen by the NRL as a problem. It is designed to unfairly disadvantage the defending side. Many sides deliberately and systematically use it to gain an unfair advantage.
  14. Michael Clare

    Trouble within the club?

    I never though the day would come when I was envying the way other Sydney clubs like the Roosters, Cronulla, Souths and Penrith operate so professionally.
  15. Michael Clare

    Post-Game Discussion Manly v Broncos [Round 10, 2023]

    It's early days, but I'm getting worried about Seibold too.
  16. Michael Clare

    Post-Game Discussion Manly v Broncos [Round 10, 2023]

    Worst move in recent seasons letting them go.
  17. Michael Clare

    Post-Game Discussion Manly v Broncos [Round 10, 2023]

    Yep, we give away 2 young potentially good props to add Woods to our roster and let Moses Suli go to St. George. The Saints hierarchy must be thankful we are a recognised charity.
  18. Michael Clare

    Post-Game Discussion Manly v Broncos [Round 10, 2023]

    DCE could not have tried any harder. Sadly, in terms of enthusiasm, he stood out from most of the team. Confused, dispirited and completely outplayed just about sums it up.
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24 14 10 122 34
24 13 11 -24 32
24 13 11 -137 32
24 12 12 59 30
24 12 12 13 30
24 12 12 4 30
24 11 12 6 29
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24 9 15 -126 24
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