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    Siebold Tactics

    Something different Part 2 : Walker bros x 2 coaching outside the box, comes with optional half back, low mileage , tending towards speed bump , means well, creational line drop out creator, excellent lost puppy face.?
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    Siebold Tactics

    Everytime we get a scum (which isn't that often) inside our half and the opposition fullback is in the line of defense I have a dream that DCE kicks the crap out of the ball and its now bouncing up near their 20 metre line and the games fastest player is easily the 1st to get there and if he...
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    Josh Aloiai

    Most likely right, it still makes me sick Fifita isn’t going to run on for us this year and Holemoley 1 or 2 big units , instead I can get exited watching Woods top up his super …or Josh put on his “ this isn’t my fault I dropped the ball face, it’s the hand of the dark lord, it’s not me”...
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    Josh Aloiai

    our depth was taken by the drag queens.
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    RELEASED WTF? - viliame fifita and alec tuitavake

    with respect to the boys not becoming regular 1st grades 7 years on from Matthew’s GF let’s remember these young ones loss 2 good years of development when the lower grade comps were shut down due to Covid .. you can’t make that loss up in the gym. Fifita was cutting forwards in half prior to...
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    Who's your go to hero ...

    Ellery Hanley Johnny Gibbs
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    Next man up?

    I would like to see us use the east method of how they managed walker , year one he was getting a lot of big units running at him , coach rotated him out for rest at Norths , then back, shoe mentioned that 1 st year playing 2nd row took it out of him , he should of been rotated , once or twice ...
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    Brown-Harper player swap

    Whatever we do we need to prioritise the continued development players coming through and not find ourselves losing a eg Fifita , GCKT, S Fainu type players because critical salary cap is wasted on journey men types from elsewhere , no more Nat Myles , L Browns, or post 29 year olds likely to...
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    The Samuela Fainu thread ..

    I remember listening to Josh after a Mathew’s game at Mascot , super well spoken , clear and smart , leader of men in waiting , he may well lead the tigers soon. On Samuela and Latu, watching every game they played to date , fit and well , they are very strong units, same as their elder brother...
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    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    i don’t see word like you do, in the 70 s that made you a moron, later you were dyslexic , but people can view what you write as disrespectful, I’m sorry to offend anyone. Irony is it took me 30 minutes writing that paragraph , endless mistakes. I refrain from further posting, I thought this...
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    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    Watching Weeks and Toula playing together in the lower grades a few years back is the only real comparison I have , Weeks at fullback , Toula in the centres. Toula was more likely to score a freak try, largely from his acceleration. Weeks was busier, not just playing FB , but he occasional...
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    Kaeo Weekes

    agree on Latu , he’s 18 next year and fit , well and in form should get a little game time , but….
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    Kaeo Weekes

    Weekes often looked better than Toula in the lower grades, pushing him to centre so he could play at the back. Hes a footballer , talented and composed. As per usual we have wasted critical selective 1st grade appearance time to bring him on . He could of coverEd a number of positions , even off...
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    Pre-Game Raiders v Manly [Round 24, 2022]

    Random thought , if generally fullbacks are better players than centres, in the juniors games I watched , Weekes was the fullback and Koula was a centre. So? Well maybe Weekes potential at least matches Koula, and Koula hasn’t failed. Weekes always looked a confident player.. not unlike his...
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    [Resurrected] SACK Des Hasler!!

    I prefer Omega but appreciate your point . I’m not emotionally ready for a strong performing Dish lickers . It’s bad enough watching the chickens ( 2014 pain) and the drizzle (2007 outrage) , at least we can enjoy the worms loosing when they are suppose to win, and the eighties GF loss almost...
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    [Resurrected] SACK Des Hasler!!

    History repeating? Des at bulldogs gets them to 2 grand finals , good effort but one Ben Barba largely got them to the GF as the Dally M player of the year…. 2021 Manly get into the top 4 carried by the form of another try score fullback freak and Dally M player Tom Turbo. what interest me is...
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    Sione Fainu leaving?

    Well when Latu signed his big contract to stay at manly he was quoted; It’s great to be able to stay here with my brothers. Hopefully we get the chance to all play in the NRL together. That would mean a lot to the family.” Hope he’s still got a brother to play with , sob. frankly I was...
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    2nd Trial - Manly V Raiders (& other trials)

    I also don’t mind a few early season inquiries provided they aren’t too serious . It gives us the early opportunity to see new talent in the real pressure games. Last years inquiries lifted Olakau’atu and Josh into 1st grade earlish, they delivered. As long as they all don’t go down 5 mins...
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    Juniors Discussion Thread

    After watching Josh play every game last year , he and Fainu were in a class of their own. Josh was impressively humble and articulate off the field as well , gee feel a bit gutted losing him… i was hoping we would minimise losses to the well performed 5/8 ….I guess we have taken a lot of tiger...
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    YKTR Sea Eagles 2022 Preview

    all good discussion points above RE who plays centre with potential to offer real strike power, I also look forward to Burbo having a decent run in the trials, named to play in the centres against Tigers, could he grow into an ex fact player?
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