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  1. JenEagle


    Crazy crazy stuff hey. I guess this is why Scott Fulton is gone. He was all about western Sydney and not about our local northern beaches juniors.
  2. JenEagle

    Kelma Tuilagi

    Very unusual signing in the first place. I wish him all the best at the eels. He will be a better fit over there.
  3. JenEagle

    Is Luke brooks the piece we’ve been missing

    I could be completely wrong however it all went pear shaped after he called the ref something very inappropriate at the end of the loss against the knights at brooky in 2020 and des came down really hard on him (as he should have)and made him apologise and do community service. Not long after he...
  4. JenEagle

    Manase Fainu - Discussion

    Ye yep agree. After 2019 we were really building but having no hooker destroyed us
  5. JenEagle

    Keppie told to leave, replaced by Tigers Alex Twal

    Maybe siebold just wants no frills no risk front rowers to get yardage and then we can use schu, Mole, Dce , brooks , Garrick, koula and Tommy really well once a good platform has been laid. It does have some merit in it. I like keppie a lot however he has a lot of errors in his game.
  6. JenEagle

    Assistant Coach after Flanno

    There was a lot of talk when we signed Siebold that one of the reasons Penn did not like des was that he never appointed assistants with any promise or experience. There was a lot of press about how good siebold is surrounding himself with such valuable coaching experience. Well Flanagan was...
  7. JenEagle

    The Haumole Bible.

    we are offering the great man an extension to 2030
  8. JenEagle

    The Haumole Bible.

    Absolutely no doubt at all that the tigers are after him. They would let Bateman and Ipap go tomorrow if they could get Haumole. Scott Fulton would be right on to this. Maybe this is why we signed lambkin as I thought he was close to haumole. Lambkin was also close to the fainus as well from memory
  9. JenEagle

    Kaeo Weekes

    We only gave him an extension a few weeks ago and now we are telling him he should leave ? That is seriously absolute nutcase stuff.
  10. JenEagle

    Andrew Davey

    haha. Bit like what Penn did to tooves and then Des again.
  11. JenEagle

    Big names in manly roster shake up daily telegraph

    Tuilagi was given every opportunity by Siebold and produced utter garbage. Brad Parker is great clubman and hopefully should be resigned.
  12. JenEagle

    Coach Seibold thoughts so far.... so good

    I think he has done well. I would actually extend him another year. He has shown enough for me to give him three more years. Give him some additional stability. He’s a good bloke and has shown he can coach.
  13. JenEagle

    Ben Trbojevic

    He was always good. These head knocks are a worry though. And his hammies
  14. JenEagle

    The bulldogs player that quit…

    It’s disgusting that gould and co are making comments like the player only complained once the week was over like oh well what we did couldn’t be that bad or like it is the players fault. Imagine if you were a good worker and a good person and you were tens mins late and the boss humiliated...
  15. JenEagle

    The bulldogs player that quit…

    Of course Gould and Ciraldo have come out and said we are just setting standards however this is a serious issue. No other club has players walking out of the club because they are being humiliated in front of the whole group and made to wrestle the whole group for being ten mins late. this is...
  16. JenEagle

    The bulldogs player that quit…

    Yeah I think Gould is in trouble here. He is taking them backwards. The whole place has lost trust in him and he spins so much rubbish and lies that no one believes a word of what he says anymore. He has sacked so many people. Penrith couldn’t wait to get rid of him. Every player he has...
  17. JenEagle

    The bulldogs player that quit…

    Waddell was named this week I reckon Kiraz, Harrison Edwards or TPJ
  18. JenEagle

    Mass restings

    So disappointing. We didn’t get one easy win this year except maybe a few good decisions in the second half of that sharks game at shark park. We had to fight for every win against the tougher teams and more often than not put up with terrible ref decisions in the losses against the knights in...
  19. JenEagle

    Pre-Game Manly v Tigers [Round 27, 2023]

    Surely after the schuster performance in nsw cup he gets a call up to replace Kelma. Unless the coaching staff want josh in nsw cup to get his confidence back.
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