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  1. simon64

    Dally M 2023 discussion

    I found someone's shirt. I'll leave it you to work out who wore it better. @:D @:D
  2. simon64

    OK Lets be Honest - who are you supporting in the GF (If any)

    I don't get the hate for the Riff. Frankly, I wish we half as disciplined and hard to break down as they are. I think they'll win but I'm not as confident as I was last year. The Slime were on a hiding to nothing.
  3. simon64

    Dally M 2023 discussion

    I hardly watched it but caught the speech by the woman from the Gold Coast ? I think she was the coach of the year or something. I've heard Stevie Wonder give shorter acceptance speeches than that. Talk about verbal diarrhoea. I could hardly remember a time when she wasn't talking.
  4. simon64

    2024 Rumoured and confirmed signings (NON-DISCUSSION THREAD).

    ........for 2024.
  5. simon64

    2024 Memberships

    Throw in the odd "What's the world coming to ?" and "Respect your elders.". I think maybe I need to stay up there to keep the young-uns in line. @:D
  6. simon64

    League podcasts - what do you listen to?

    None. I wouldn't even know how ?
  7. simon64

    2024 Memberships

    3 game in the BF stand. I think I'm getting too old to stand on the hill anymore as much as I love the atmosphere up near the beer shed.
  8. simon64

    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    I know he can't do what Walsh does. I freely admit that as I said in my post. My point is he does the exact opposite. And it's not fooling anyone so can he please just cease and desist ? It's totally ineffective.
  9. simon64

    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    Sitting here watching the Broncs v Warriors and specifically Reece Walsh. Just can't help thinking he is the polar opposite of Schuster. Walsh just burns defenders with pace. And Schuster does that stupid thing were he dawdles across field and then suddenly accelerates which isn't fooling...
  10. simon64

    Harper To the Super League

    Good luck to Lionel Richie. Say what you will about his ability, but he always had a red hot go whenever he was picked.
  11. simon64

    Kelma Tuilagi

    Over on the one eyed trouser snake site, they're generally excited by this signing. Then a poster pipes up as says he's checked Silvertails for our reaction to him leaving and he was disappointed to see we were popping champagne corks that he was going. And with good reason too. I thought he'd...
  12. simon64

    [Resurrected] NRL Lookalikes....

    Dead ringer. :rofl:
  13. simon64

    Josh Mcguire

    Wery wery bad. :rofl:
  14. simon64

    Josh Mcguire

  15. simon64

    MVP: Rd 27 v Tigers

    3 - Koula. - What a gun. 2 - Ola - Anyone would think he had spiders on him. 1 - DCE - Pulled the strings all night. And bonus marks for getting Jake off the nudie. Special mention to Jake Arthur. He is a handy player and I love his involvement. Sippers was massive also. You can really tell...
  16. simon64

    Pre-Game Manly v Tigers [Round 27, 2023]

    We should be winning and winning well. Anything less than that will be a let down especially in Jake's 200th. Come on boys. Put on a score.
  17. simon64

    MVP: Rd 26 v Bulldogs

    3 - Schuster. No errors. Great work champion. 2 - DCE. Did alright but he did throw that shocking pass that led to the try. Schu didn't do that once. 1 - Sipley. Not a bad game but had a missed tackle. Not like Schu who made every tackle.
  18. simon64

    Clayton Faulalo

    Holy crap. I thought I was looking at "The Chin" just then.
  19. simon64

    Team you're backing now Manly are out.

    I was filthy in '95 and '97 when, we, as clearly the best team in the comp all year, didn't win the GF. Penrith are the best team. As much as I can't stand Luai and all the crap he goes on with, Penrith deserve to win again. It's up to the rest to figure out a way to stop them.
Team P W L PD Pts
24 18 6 333 42
24 18 6 214 42
24 16 8 168 38
24 16 8 124 38
24 14 9 175 35
24 14 10 122 34
24 13 11 -24 32
24 13 11 -137 32
24 12 12 59 30
24 12 12 13 30
24 12 12 4 30
24 11 12 6 29
24 9 15 -111 24
24 9 15 -126 24
24 7 17 -331 20
24 5 19 -199 16
24 4 20 -290 14
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