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  1. Ron E. Gibbs

    OK Lets be Honest - who are you supporting in the GF (If any)

    Seems to have been a concerted campaign in the News Ltd press over the last few days to persuade everyone, especially referee Adam Gee, that the Panthers are "polarising" and borderline cheats, and that the humble, underdog Broncos are the team with the greater moral claim to the trophy. So for...
  2. Ron E. Gibbs

    The NRL Finals Series - 2023

    I have the same odd feeling, Disco. The Warriors have done well in preliminary finals before, and have pulled off some big upsets. And if things start going wrong for the Broncos, they might start to remember how they finished last season and fold… Then again, the Broncos could flog them. :-)
  3. Ron E. Gibbs

    Josh Aloiai

    I reckon we have no choice but to hope that Aloiai comes good. No other club would take him off our hands, so we are stuck with him regardless. He has shown glimpses of good form over his time with us, so fingers crossed he can stay healthy and contribute to the team.
  4. Ron E. Gibbs

    Kaeo Weekes

    Kaeo Weekes' Canberra Raiders tour goes well by David Polkinghorne The Canberra Raiders were impressed with Kaeo Weekes and Weekes was impressed with the Raiders, with both parties hopeful he could join the Green Machine on a two-year deal. But the deal was dependent on the Manly Sea Eagles...
  5. Ron E. Gibbs

    Harper To the Super League

    Agree, mosto. But you'll be sad to learn we lost Fletcher Myers last year. Got homesick and went back to Newcastle mid-season.
  6. Ron E. Gibbs

    Kelma Tuilagi

    Good result for us. I thought he was a good hole runner and had really nice hands for a backrower. But his defence, especially one-on-one anywhere near the goal line, was too often found out. I do feel a little for the bloke given we signed him for three years - which is on us, not him - and...
  7. Ron E. Gibbs

    Is Luke brooks the piece we’ve been missing

    Given his height, that might be the first time Brooks has ever been described as "head and shoulders" ahead of anyone… He's definitely a player with speed and skill, but I'm worried about his defence (like Mitchell Moses, he's always been a target in the defensive line) and durability. How many...
  8. Ron E. Gibbs

    [Resurrected] NRL Lookalikes....

    That's Boyd Holbrook, an American actor. You may have seen him in "Narcos", or (more recently) "Justified: City Primeval". He's also done some pretty big movies, like "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny", "Logan" and "The Predator".
  9. Ron E. Gibbs

    The NRL Finals Series - 2023

    You can really see the Warriors are a well-coached team. Some great shapes in their attack, especially when they get close to the try line. They're a really good team to watch at the moment, and it's hard for me not to cheer a team with AFB and Walker in it.
  10. Ron E. Gibbs

    The NRL Finals Series - 2023

    Classic NRL: the better team on the night loses, and even though the game is decided by a spectacular, otherworldly winning play at the death, all anybody will want to talk about is how badly the referees ****ed things.
  11. Ron E. Gibbs

    Going to Vegas

    Turbo could probably still find an injury if the game was played on a field of marshmallows and he was wrapped head to toe in a thick layer of fairy floss, but yeah, artificial turf would not be great. Interesting that the NFL is backing away from artificial turf on the back of a season-ending...
  12. Ron E. Gibbs

    Another Tiger? Aitasi James

    Forget Aitasi James - I want to hear more about this "strong Manly pack" for 2024.
  13. Ron E. Gibbs

    Is Kent the biggest dribbler not on TV?

    I do have problems with Kent as a journo, and particularly the harmful crap he can spout, but really, that's more of a problem with the state of journalism and sports journalism as a whole - he does what he does to get a reaction, and he does it well. And if it wasn't him doing it, it would be...
  14. Ron E. Gibbs

    Is Kent the biggest dribbler not on TV?

    I'd take the Grim Reaper every time, Al. At least you could reason with the Reaper.
  15. Ron E. Gibbs

    Assistant Coach after Flanno

    This is in the Telegraph today, from Booze Rothfield: SPOTTED A photograph made its way onto social media on Friday of Bulldogs coach Cameron Ciraldo having lunch with Manly’s assistant coach Jim Dymock. There was immediate speculation they were talking about a job on the coaching staff at...
  16. Ron E. Gibbs

    Is Kent the biggest dribbler not on TV?

    Here you go, mate: Graveyard shift: Kent works at funeral home while waiting for court return by Danny Weidler Fox Sports personality and Daily Telegraph columnist Paul Kent has found a new line of work with a funeral home as News Corp considers whether he will be replaced as a full-time TV...
  17. Ron E. Gibbs

    Assistant Coach after Flanno

    Yeah, is Dymock definitely gone? Would've been nice to have at least some stability in the coaching staff.
  18. Ron E. Gibbs

    Caleb Navale

    I also hear good things about his other cousin, Feliz Navidad. Apparently his try celebrations are a sight to behold.
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