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    King not in Manly's top 17 according to RLW

    I can assure you Kingy has his body tight. Tight and terrific. [hr] Kingyfan is always happy when Kingy is around. RLW is just a bunch of druken faggot journalists dribbling on a computer. Kingy will be in the top 17 and will be one of our starting props.
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    Comback King set to fire in 2014

    If this doesn't get the blood rushing to your loins nothing will. The kingman is on the way back The shoulder that kept Jason King sidelined for most of last season will do little to derail the co-captain's comeback in 2014. King, who hasn’t taken the field since suffering a...
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    Still waiting for an answer.

    Hasler won the comp in 2008 so at least he had the runs on the board to forgive a bad 2009 and 2010. He then won again in 2011. If we don't win this year then we must be certainties next year.
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    Geoff Toovey is good at coach being! Happy Sea Eagleness to all!!!

    Fulton had some of the best Manly teams money could buy and he only won two premierships as coach. Hardly a stunning record.
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    Public Transport - Northern Beaches bus services for NRL semi-final?

    Your bus will be heading straight back to the Cronulla sharks trophy room where you will be sipping champagne coolies through a straw with the rest of your sharkies buddies
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    Toovey fine stands

    From the lurker Toovey wasn't showing raw emotion? Geoff Toovey has every right to ask the NRL why he had to pay a $10k fine for his recent rant while Neil Henry and Johnathan Thurston escape scot free after declaring there is a conspiracy to have two Sydney teams play in the grand final. "He...
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    Geoff Toovey is good at coach being! Happy Sea Eagleness to all!!!

    Willo, Cliffy Lyons and Max Krillich were certainly great coaches. [hr] The good work form this game was undone by losing to the riff a week later. Other than relying on Brett Stewart does 2v actually have an attacking plan to score tries against teams like the roosters and souths? [hr]...
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    Geoff Toovey is good at coach being! Happy Sea Eagleness to all!!!

    Most critisism is that his record in big games is very ordinary.
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    Tooves' post-match press conference Chooks

    I wish toovey would smile a bit less after a loss
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    2013 Rumoured and confirmed signings.

    The retirement will come on the back of ASADA's announcement after the grand final of the results of their investigation into the NRL.
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    Brett Stewart availability for Sat

    It makes is now vital that we win tomorrow night so that we get a week off for snake to rest his hamstring. Wet pitch will lessen the impact of losing Stewart.
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    Ground Hog day part 2051. Drama in the "Bored" Room

    Zorba having a menage au trois?
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    Maria charged 1 match

    No wonder Kennedy couldn't wait to get out of the roosters to the broncos. Sick of Maria bunking down in his bed doing a Sam Burgess to him. One thing about Maria is that whenever I see him in public he struts around like he has a massive ego and that everyone thinks that he is gods gift to...
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    Streaker gets 3 months jail

    From what I hear no-one was offended by Wati's nudie run as unless you had a telescope at the game you wouldn't have seen anything anyway. What would a barbie be without Jason getting hit kit off and flashing the sausage around?
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    Sun-Herald: "Abbott promises Brookie a lifeline"

    Abbott now needs to increase his money for brookie to $30m.
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    2013 Rumoured and confirmed signings.

    Word is that Dunamis Lui signed a 2 year contract with us over the weekend
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    Which clown did this

    Will there be special buses from the northern beaches to the ground like last year?
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    Jake and Clint are in!

    Well done 2v for blooding the young players. Would never happened under Hasler.
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    Gary Johns

    Les Johns was a great goalkicker.
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    Cliffy To Coach??

    Cliffy has been there and been unsuccessful. Maybe the NSW cup would respond to a bit of beaver instead?
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24 18 6 214 42
24 16 8 168 38
24 16 8 124 38
24 14 9 175 35
24 14 10 122 34
24 13 11 -24 32
24 13 11 -137 32
24 12 12 59 30
24 12 12 13 30
24 12 12 4 30
24 11 12 6 29
24 9 15 -111 24
24 9 15 -126 24
24 7 17 -331 20
24 5 19 -199 16
24 4 20 -290 14
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