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    Simple game

    To my simplistic mind, it looked like Jake was just tasked with tackling his backside off, and almost covering AFB in defence- to allow for AFB to be on the field for plenty of minutes and strong with the ball.
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    Post-bye run home

    It will in week one as 5 plays 8 and 6 plays 7 in elimination games
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    PRE-GAME DISCUSSION: Knights v Manly [Round 5, 2019]

    Rumour has it that Ponga is in doubt for the match due to attending a mates funeral in NZ (this is via FB so take with a grain of salt). Could negate us not having Turbo. Just let our forwards steamroll theirs and grind it out.
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    More bad news for Cronulla

    I think it means what % each of those teams were over the cap in that particular year.
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    2019 Memberships

    I will renew my family membership. I want my son & daughter to be able to have a local club to support as they grow up - just like I did :)
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    Dce out Hastings in?

    DCE is in Townsville with team - so i reckon he is a better than evens chance of playing
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    MATCH FIXING SCANDAL?? Broncos/Titans game

    We'll have to agree to disagree :)
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    MATCH FIXING SCANDAL?? Broncos/Titans game

    Agree - but just human nature to want to lesson the intensity when something appears to be done and dusted.
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    MATCH FIXING SCANDAL?? Broncos/Titans game

    Because "5 mins to go" if the score was 50-0 wouldn't have the same impact. Using the score emphasises that the game was potentially still in the balance and not to slack off. I think you see refs be more lenient in the last 5-10mins when the game is a foregone conclusion.
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    MATCH FIXING SCANDAL?? Broncos/Titans game

    To me - he is telling badge that the game was not over and not to be lax for the last couple of mins.
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    Ground Announcement at 3pm

    Apparently Tony Abbott was on 2GB this morning and mentioned that he has a special announcement about Brookvale Oval this afternoon at 3pm which the fans should be excited about. Anyone else hear that? Assume it's just re-confirming what we already know.
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    Game Day: Manly v Cowboys [Round 16, 2016]

    The only question is, at what point in the game will the Cowboys declare??? I am optimistic and will say the 28th minute.
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    Parramatta Eels salary cap: Club waiting on outcome of Anthony Watmough contract issue

    You are right. So basic maths Eels need to clear $570k Watmough is on an estimated $750k/annum, of which we are 6 months through roughly i.e. $375k Player would need to be promoted into top 25 at min of $80k i.e $40k for 6 months Therefore $570k - $375k + $40k = $235k still left to clear. So...
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    How many points deducted - what's your guess?

    My thoughts on that are: 1) Playing Parra before the deduction, you are playing a cheating team with motivation to make finals / hoping there is no penalty etc 2) Playing Parra after the deduction, you potentially are playing an unmotivated cheating team or a team that rests their stars etc -...
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    Parramatta stand down star halfback Kieran Foran

    The Betty Foran Clinic for him?
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    Parramatta stand down star halfback Kieran Foran

    The other rumour can be found by typing "keiran foran rumour" into google and going to the reddit link - 2nd result i think
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    Parramatta- What should happen ? / What will happen ?

    They should lose their points and not be able to accrue any for the rest of 2016. Surely the NRL would want to avoid the sh!tstorm if the Eels won the comp as a result of a soft/no penalty. Knowingly or naively, they have put together an illegal team just like Storm or Dogs - and as such, they...
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    Jake, Skivvi, Walker and Snake out

    This sounds dodgey - but one of the guys on the FB supercoach page always has the good oil and is usually on the money. Posted this: UPDATE FROM MY SOURCE- both walker and matai have been ruled fit and will line up today against Souths... Jturbo is the only player who will not run out tonight...
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    Not All Doom And Gloom

    Missing snake badly in defense. Need his communication and awareness from the back. Lyon has no faith in williame and leaves him posted to try and shut down the sweeping plays no success. Think we will see a much better side when snake is back.
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    Possible Changes To Team Tonight

    seeing that Lussick, Knight, Lavaka, Leary all played yesterday - there will be no changes to team.
Team P W L PD Pts
24 18 6 333 42
24 18 6 214 42
24 16 8 168 38
24 16 8 124 38
24 14 9 175 35
24 14 10 122 34
24 13 11 -24 32
24 13 11 -137 32
24 12 12 59 30
24 12 12 13 30
24 12 12 4 30
24 11 12 6 29
24 9 15 -111 24
24 9 15 -126 24
24 7 17 -331 20
24 5 19 -199 16
24 4 20 -290 14
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