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    Manly pride of the league..........

    TO be honest, I have been finding a lot of funny articles which would seem to serve one purpose. To Rev up the souths players. The funniest one I remember reading was one in the SMH where the headline stated Cherry evans doesn't rate Reynolds, or something along the lines. In the content, there...
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    2013 Rumoured and confirmed signings.

    Im sure you guys already picked it, but Manly sea eagles facebook says: George will start in his final Brookie home game today, with Lawrence resting a back injury.
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    SeaEagles V Raiders @ Brookie Rd 11 GameDay chat #GoManly

    How did manly's NSW cup team go?
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    2013 Rumoured and confirmed signings.

    Kingston would.go well at other clubs, I could see him at eels, raiders who tend to have cash and may need a hooker :-)
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    More whacky NRL rule changes adopted today!

    I actually dont mind it for viewing purposes. Lets be honest, without fa'aso, king and gnulovao our team is relativly small and mobile so should be able to handle this. All this aside a quick game is a good game :-)
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    Blue chip prop

    In russia, league plays you!
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    SeaEagles v Dragons MnF @WIN Jubilee Rd8 Game day thread #GoManly

    Im worried. We are usually flat after a big game. Especially considering both teams would be battered and bruised. Dragons will be pumped up at home to have a big game in front of their home fans, their good history against us will weigh into consideration. As much as I hate to say I think...
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    Many v's Souths - Crowd Prediction tonight?

    Was that a regular season game?
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    Many v's Souths - Crowd Prediction tonight?

    So the last biggest home crowd was 20,100 ish in 2006 against the doggies. When was the last bigger home crowd?
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    Many v's Souths - Crowd Prediction tonight?

    19,849 - were playing 'if the price is right'
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    2013 Rumoured and confirmed signings.

    The pressure will now be on Widdop to perform if he is on $2.2M for 4 years. Thats a bit overkill I think and it shows the Dragons must be desperate and I am guessing they have given up on Todd Carney? Or are they going for a Carney/Widdop/ Dugan Combination? If Dragons can get those...
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    Manly's Largest Crowds at Brookie – the top 29 - all over 20,000

    Considering the gosford game was a ****ty day the 12-13k is pretty good imo. Also add that to the fact I think we get $100k or so for playing there means its also good for the club. The knights game was a dissapointing show up but conversly the sharks game was great. It looks like there will...
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    Tickets for next Friday vs Souths

    I already got my two tickets for the hill. My one off trip to Brookie oval each year
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    Sun-Herald: "Abbott promises Brookie a lifeline"

    From a nutral perspective Given that the libs are likely to get into government paying 1.20 odds. Then the fact the they are commited to saving money and having a balanced budget , it should be obvious to all that brooky wont get much (if any) funding.
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    Crowd at ANZ

    In my opinion its more of a grudge match on Manlys perspective rather than the bulldogs. They took our coach and our players, we have reason to be angry whereas they don't really have much reason.
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    SeaEagles v Dogs @ANZ Rd5 Game day thread #GoManly

    Tolmans a decent buy opinion. T-rex probably will fire up as it is his old club but I see our whole team firing up to negate the effect. Should be a cracker, dogs without inu, barbarian only just comming back and dogs still without graham, manlys superior depth and bounce back from a ****...
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    lussick and harrison

    300k could be over a 3 yr period
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24 14 10 122 34
24 13 11 -24 32
24 13 11 -137 32
24 12 12 59 30
24 12 12 13 30
24 12 12 4 30
24 11 12 6 29
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24 9 15 -126 24
24 7 17 -331 20
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