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    Blacktown Workers ... 2023 ..

    I caught the last 20 only and couldn't count on 2 hands the number of times schu chose not to make a tackle against reserve graders. He's done... What is it 3.2mil over the next 4 years? That's a lot of the black town cap
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    Gordon Chan Kum Tong

    To the tune of the Kanton premade meal in a jars jingle. "Manly´s playing Chan Kum, Doesn´t take long for the "insert opposition" to drop dead!"
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    Gordon Chan Kum Tong

    Smuggled in a phone to watch Kayo?
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    Gordon Chan Kum Tong

    Manase Fain-who... Looks like we signed him up long-term at the right time. Give him time now Siebs.
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    Game Day: Raiders v Manly [Round 24, 2022]

    I slept in. Did I miss anything?
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    The Seven Have Agreed to Wear Pride Jersey Next Year (maybe?)

    Beautiful perspective dude. Big up, that made my bloody day and I spent that day sitting in a gorgeous bubbling stream in the Slovenian Alps. Maybe you should put your Cv forward to the soon to be recruiting marketing department
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    Post-Game Discussion Manly v Roosters [Round 20, 2022]

    It wasn't an easy game to watch that's for sure. Thank goodness that the roosters at full strength are only just a top 8 team these days or they could have been cleaning the blood from the grass for months. Here's hoping that there is some other drama in the world of the nrl this coming...
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    Backline Squad Depth

    Have we ever had this level of backline depth before? Reading the Tui and Parket threads had me thinking long and hard about this question. Despite losing our #1 for the season, we are almost at a point where Des has too many NRL quality outside backs to choose from. In an ideal world, right...
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    A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down

    Firstly, thank you Dan for maintaining this forum for conflict, celebration, heartbreak and YARTs for as long as you have. You have given the most passionate maroon and white bespectacled a place to be ourselves under the privacy of clichéd user names and you owe us thousands of hours of our...
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    Schuster or Foran for 5/8th 2022

    Schuster to 5/8. Foz should play a limited minutes utility roll ala Benji in 2022. Walker to left-center with some license to roam in attack. Lawton to starting left second row and Parker into Lawtons utility roll. Most important of all: There should never be a single prop on the Field...
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    We are missing our props

    Regarding people's comments on Keppie being all rocks and diamonds, I think it's worth pointing out that his brain farts only really happened when he was playing big minutes at lock. As an impact prop / second row he was a beast. With him and paseka back we have the rotation to take this...
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    MVP: Rd 23 v Raiders

    3 - Tom - He was on the sideline 2 - Huamole - This guy is our x-factor in the forwards. Remember that it's his first season guys and girls. He is going to be our Ben Kennedy for the next 10 years. 1 - Bloody Ruben Garrick - I think someone told him that if he doesn't give it all in every...
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    Game Day: Penrith v Manly [Round 8, 2021]

    Good work Saab. Finally showed his guts
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    We need a clear out.

    This is a reflection of how the prestige has been stripped out of the game in general. The NRL has been run into the ground over the last 15 years thanks to the ineptitude of the executives who ran it until this weird season. NRL will be as scheisse as the ARU if they don't get their sh*t together.
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    Cherry Evans and Walker

    No, but it tells you something about having a dummy half that can't count to 5.
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    Under the radar

    Classic Des! That was a win, but the table says otherwise, keeping us safely under that bloody radar. Such a cheeky bugger!
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    Game Day: Manly v Knights [Round 14, 2017]

    Great... The NRL have installed international broadcast restrictions on the ABC, so I can't even listen to the game.
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    It had to happen :( livestream

    Ah man... I just took up an expressVPN subscription so I could watch it here in Germany. Germany has an online broadcast partner but they only do a couple of games per week and never Manly. Listening to the game being called in German is a laugh though.
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    Livestream no longer works

    I am in Germany and are geo-blocked from livestream because the NRL has a contract with a terrible online broadcaster called DAZN. So far they have not played any Manly games leaving me to watch sub par illegals. Anyone have a tried and tested vpn they could direct me to?
Team P W L PD Pts
24 18 6 333 42
24 18 6 214 42
24 16 8 168 38
24 16 8 124 38
24 14 9 175 35
24 14 10 122 34
24 13 11 -24 32
24 13 11 -137 32
24 12 12 59 30
24 12 12 13 30
24 12 12 4 30
24 11 12 6 29
24 9 15 -111 24
24 9 15 -126 24
24 7 17 -331 20
24 5 19 -199 16
24 4 20 -290 14
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