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  1. madmax

    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    Definitely…..& quicker!
  2. madmax

    The Haumole Bible.

    Mate what do you expect from those Manly haters. Tallis is just dumb & Anasta never a word about the Roosters, South’s or Dogs signings & cap.
  3. madmax

    Josh Aloiai

    Paseka GCKT Sipley Ola Bully Jake Res: Croker, Schuster, Aloiai, Lodge Also: Brbo, Keppie (if he says), James, Twal (if he comes), Woods (if he stays),
  4. madmax

    Jaxon Paulo

    Ok my bad…..still not a reason to bag him!
  5. madmax

    Jaxon Paulo

    Wasn’t punted by South’s…..Roosters chased him mate! I’m looking forward to some new talent & refuse to bag any players that sign with us! Everyone deserves a chance!
  6. madmax

    banana bending Sea Eagles

    Paul Vautin Chris Close John Ribot Kerry Boustead Danny Moore Dale Shearer DCE Matt Ballin Marty Bella Steve Bell Bruce Walker Paul McCabe Nate Myles Owen Cunningham That young hooker?
  7. madmax

    Assistant Coach after Flanno

    After reading Trbo’s evaluation of Brett Stewart I’d be looking at him as Siebold’s assistant!!! I think he’d be great & our backs would flourish! Get Spud Carrol as forwards coach & we’re set!
  8. madmax

    Manly Sea Eagles 2023 .... hmmmm

    Curtis Sironen, Aaron Woods, Marika Koroibete, Nathan Brown……
  9. madmax


    I prefer South's to those fu<king Roosters, Eels, Knights everyday of the week. I despise those 3 teams with a passion!!! Hopefully both the Roosters & Knights get humiliated in the first week of the finals! Phew now I can take a deep breath.
  10. madmax

    Have we gone forwards, backwards or just the same this year?

    Yes I forgot to add him…..
  11. madmax

    Have we gone forwards, backwards or just the same this year?

    For mine.....I think we've moved a little forward. Our forwards have been decimated by injury....Paseka, Aloiai, Lodge. With these guys on board the past month or so we play finals. Backs have been pretty good. Center's are a problem but with a full compliment next season & the new additions, I...
  12. madmax

    The honest thread !!

    I fu<king despise the Roosters, Eels, Knights with a fu<king passion!!!@:mad:
  13. madmax

    Your preferred 2024 side

    How about this starting side for 2024:- Coca Koula (Could easily be our Walsh) Saab Garrick Trbo Paulo DCE Brooks Paseka GKCT Jrbo Olakau'atu Brbo Schuster Res: Croker, Sipley, Keppie, Bullemore, (Lodge when fit comes in for ????) Depth: Aloiai, Tuilagi, Lawton, Sykes, Condon, Weekes, Arthur...
  14. madmax

    Assistant Coach after Flanno

    I dunno mate.....yeah Ennis was an annoying little pri<k during his playing days but he has a pretty good footy brain & often makes sense when commentating. I think he'd do wonders with Croker & blend in nicely with the boys?
  15. madmax

    Was that a Dangerous tackle ?

  16. madmax

    Was that a Dangerous tackle ?

    Garrick fractured back Bozo…..happy enough? How many fractured backs do you see happen in any tackle unless a player is lifted or tackled mid air!
  17. madmax

    Was that a Dangerous tackle ?

    Garrick has suffered a back & hip contusion.........& you say the tackle was OK. Seriously mate lolol. He could have fractured his back, damaged his shoulder, broken his arm, seriously damaged his elbow, but the tackle was OK according to you.
  18. madmax

    Annesley's weakly excuses presser - 2023 edition!

    Wow lololol.........seems he has bigger balls than you if he stayed on?
  19. madmax

    Garrick’s Stocks Rising

    Garrick at Center makes Saab that much more dangerous!
  20. madmax

    Annesley's weakly excuses presser - 2023 edition!

    Garrick was injured! He couldn't run after that tackle & looks like he's out for next weeks seriously think he wasn't in a dangerous position? He could have fractured his back, snapped his shoulder......If he was catching a bomb & it happened it would be a penalty & on report for...
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