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  1. Eagle1188

    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but it's a good read.
  2. Eagle1188

    2021 Rumoured and confirmed signings (NON-DISCUSSION THREAD).

    Jackson Hastings posted Congrats to my mate / long time roomie on getting a deal with the @TheParraEels all the hard work, moving across the other side of the world has paid off mate. Very proud of ya! Go get the #9 jersey. @joeylussick
  3. Eagle1188

    Vale Brenda Duchen

    R.I.P beautiful Brenda
  4. Eagle1188

    Club news

    NRL 360 will be dumped before any clubs fold
  5. Eagle1188

    Coronavirus sucks.. but the NRL lives!

    Hell will freeze over before I support any other team. It's the Mighty Sea Eagles or nothing
  6. Eagle1188

    Where's Our Bozo

    Hey @BOZO our feathered friend, hope you’re ok bud. We are all worried about you old mate, if you are reading this message can you let us know your ok. Take care bud
  7. Eagle1188

    Walker cleared to play.

    He is due back in court on 26th February.
  8. Eagle1188

    Announcement market

    I've put a hold on my 3 x auto-renew memberships until after I know who are the coaching staff. I'm not as confident about Des/ Tooves being appointed as our coaches and the Auto Renewal kicks in on Monday.
  9. Eagle1188

    It was Des all along coaching thread

    Spoken like an in coming coach
  10. Eagle1188

    It was Des all along coaching thread

    If it's Toovey I'll really happy
  11. Eagle1188

    It was Des all along coaching thread

    Yes you could be correct but I like to think she was being honest with me, after all we all love our team
  12. Eagle1188

    It was Des all along coaching thread

    I was thinking the same thing Mitch while we where chatting, what I can say is she was going to give me a call after the announcement to discuss our memberships, I politely said don't bother calling me if it's JC or JT, her response was "I'll call you next week as you will be pleased"
  13. Eagle1188

    It was Des all along coaching thread

    Here we go @Mark from Brisbane #next week I spoke to the club today to put a hold on my auto members renewal ( 3 between my kids and I) Had a very pleasant lady on the line and she ask me why. I told her I am waiting to see who and when will the new coach be announced. Her response was " I...
  14. Eagle1188

    Test match 2018 NZ AUS

    Totally agree, I think he would make a great centre
  15. Eagle1188

    Test match 2018 NZ AUS

    Tommy T is partnering LM in the centres
  16. Eagle1188

    It was Des all along coaching thread

    I tried to get past the pay wall but I'm hopeless, I'm hoping someone can post it for us. Sorry
  17. Eagle1188

    It was Des all along coaching thread

    DT are reporting below. Sea Eagles: Shortlist of candidates for head coaching role | News Local 2 hours ago - SEA Eagles owner Scott Penn has revealed that the club is still in negotiations with three...
  18. Eagle1188

    Best Wishes @marga

    @marga from my family and I we send you all our love and with your permission add you in our prayers. Truely believe you will kick the barstard and come out the winner.
  19. Eagle1188

    Matt Ballin to replace Dan Ferris?

    Interesting to see Matty B training at the Chocolate Box Training gym at Cromer yesterday, but what was even better was who he was with, Tommy T, Dylan W, Brad P, and a couple of ex eagles, Clint Gutherson, Lachlan Crocker Luke Gardner & Liam Knight. Hope this is the beginning of Matty back at...
  20. Eagle1188

    Salary Cap Witch Hunt. **Appeal unsuccessful**

    "It would be a major surprise if appeals tribunal chief Ian Callinan QC did anything other than uphold the findings of the NRL integrity unit" So the jurno doesn't know then!!!!!!! Yep brilliant.
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