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    Jake Arthur

    Missed 2 tackles miserably that led to tries....I will always forgive a young kid having a go and coming up with a couple of mistakes, but I won't hold them up as having a great game just to justify the narrative that he's great and Shuster's ****.
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    Seibs Going Right Off at Presser.

    Welcome to Manly'll soon understand that while the universe loves the Bunnies when you were there,it's not the same at Brooky. You'll never get over it've just got to be better.
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    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    I agree that his pace is a concern. I'm confident he'll turn into a good edge back rower in time...but it may take time. Of more a concern was how much pace Parker has lost this year after his knee issues last year. He couldn't even keep up with Schuster when he took that intercept last night...
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    Cooper Johns

    Agree totally....Johns shouldn't get another run in 1st grade...just a little below that standard. Think its a moral that Jake Arthurs will turn into something, given 1. he left Parra and 2. The Parra fans bagged him out.
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    Too slow..can't turn and chase or move sideways. Has some effective carries but has absolutely no balance for a NRL player. 1 on 1 defender ok. But any decision to move off 1 player to another in defence becomes too hard because he is just too Problem is who do we replace him with?
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    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    All true about Crichton.
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    Weekes - need's Blacktown ASAP

    Not quick enough...imo.
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    Post-Game Discussion Tigers v Manly [Round 8, 2023]

    The rain is a great leveller for metres and Todd Smith only seemed to worry about the 10 from the scum and nowhere else. If you've got greater possession in the rain you'll obviously dominate territory. Manly would have lost this game last year. We move on to the Gold Coast who will be smsrting...
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    Is it time to move on from Turbo?

    Totally agree....Tedesco had serious hammy injuries early in his career and sorted it out. Just be Tom and we'll see how that turns out. We have better options now if he does get injured.
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    A real message this team is on the up

    Johns is a solid defender though and good short kicker. Nothing brilliant but does his job.
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    Post-Game Discussion Panthers v Manly [Round 6, 2023]

    It's also speed...everyone in that Penrith backline is fast. Helps so much when you're moving sideways in defence. They just shuffle across and get to the edges. Our blokes are just so easy to run around. Give me speed.
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    Game Day: Panthers v Manly [Round 6, 2023]

    I've screamed out for a couple of centres for 5 years. Our 2 centres would not make another team. They're pedestrian reserve graders at best.
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    Post-Game Discussion Manly v Knights [Round 5, 2023]

    I think you'll find Parker missed more tackles....I'm done with these 2 centres. We can't win a comp with Parker...end of story .
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    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    Hear hear...timings perfect. Good suggestion.
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    Game day thread .. US v Souffs

    Here here....agree with your summation of Myers. Looked like someone with a ton of potential and I'm always looking for good defensive centres and he just might be the answer, albeit early days. I know one thing, you can't win a comp with nuffy centres regardless of your spine.
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    Cooper Johns

    Can't play....think he's a reserve grader at best. Just put that in so that if he becomes a champion it gives everyone an opportunity to bag's hoping.
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    What a load of BS. Laurie Daley, good bloke, is a smoke screen to try and appease disgruntled supporters for what was about to come. The sacking of Des and to introduce Seibold.
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    That was nothing more than a delusional rant trying to justify why he would sack Des.
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    The not-so Magnificent 7

    Well if your Haneen Zreika in the AFLW you're celebrated for standing up for what you believe in. And guess what, her team mates all support her decision to not be picked this weekend. Here's something about not using footballers for social or political support. There!!... problem...
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    Laurie Daley

    So what are his credentials as a consultant for pathways and roster management. Not sure being a good bloke gets it done. I listen to him everyday on radio and he has never indicated this is his area of expertise. Great player, Ok SOO coach but on anything else ....not for me. This is more left...
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