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    Game/Moment of the year

    Moment - DCE's chase and tackle on Stephen Crichton in SOO. Just great on so many levels.
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    Have we gone forwards, backwards or just the same this year?

    I will go with a marginal improvement - primarily based on the last 4/5 weeks. I thought we put in real, honest efforts against the Pennies and Warriors and smashed Bulldogs and Tigers to finish. And statistically we won an extra 2 games this year and our F/A was 6 vs -102 LY. What I liked...
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    Kaeo Weekes

    My understanding is that Johns, Boyle and Harper are all going. Don't know about Roache and Woods. Condon, Tuilagi and Talau are all under contract so while the club may want them to go, they have to want to go. However, agree it is a concern when we see Fifita => Fainu 2 in your list above...
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    Jake..! Jake...! Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!!!

    Outstanding Manly man. Listening to his team mates, players from other teams shows the respect he is held in. I believe he would make any starting 13, including Panthers, Storm or Broncos. One of the first picked for NSW (once Blind Freddy and Alexander learnt the errors of their way) and for...
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    Pre-Game Manly v Tigers [Round 27, 2023]

    Bozo - do you need to hijack every thread with the same message. This is about Jake I get it. According to you we are not winners, we are losers. Mestrov is a crap CEO and Siebold can't coach. Speed kills. We should have signed Webster. We are mentally weak. Bozo is a god and never made...
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    The bulldogs player that quit…

    Topine? I beleive.
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    Blacktown Workers ... 2023 ..

    I have only seen a small sample size of highlights but he looked as good as Ray Ray in the clips (and more athletic.
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    Optimist/Pessimist pulse .. UPDATE

    Strangely I find myself being slightly more optimistic about next season. This is in part due to my expectations (no chance to make top 8 when Turbo went down) and in part to the fact that I believe the team has had a red hot go in the past few games. This speaks to me of a good culture and...
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    The next BIG things .. the new Messiah

    From what I have seen thought Bunting was a better prospect than Wilson. Agree re Hopoate. Honestly unless he distances himself from the family he will just to the highest bidder no matter what.
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    Toafofoa Sipley

    Sipley can definitely be in the 17. He has been criminally under used in the past 2 seasons. Funny that with increased game time and responsibility he has prospered. Some of his busts yesterday were bloody good. Appreciate it was the Dogs defence but he regularly bends the line most games...
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    Ben Trbojevic

    Interestingly though I think he only signed a 1 year extension - he wanted to back himself in. We will not get him on the cheap.
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    Tony Mestrov, new CEO

    Lets wait and see. Some of his changes have been needed albeit unpopular. He is not afraid to make tough decisions. A lot agreed Des had to go but Siebold certainly not been a raging success so far. Not sure where player retention sits but this is certainly a negative.
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    Ben Trbojevic

    Really like him and I think he will develop into a very solid FG. You could see in his preseason game his defence had improved significantly and he has been really solid every game he has played. Only concern is his injury record but a 2nd row pairing of Ola and Ben is decent.
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    Gordon Chan Kum Tong

    Same as preseason. Looks sharp in attack but needs to work on his defence.
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    Pre-Game Bulldogs v Manly [Round 26, 2023]

    On paper not a lot between the teams. If effort is there then we are a chance. However my expectations are realistic and it could go either way.
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    Seibs Going Right Off at Presser.

    Bozo. A genuine question. Have you ever been a CEO, General Manager of a corporation or sporting team? Have you been a coach/assistant coach? Have you ever played a team sport and experienced the high and lows? I am genuinely interested because you seem to know a lot about success and...
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    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    You must know something we don't because something has to change for this to happen.
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    Seibs Going Right Off at Presser.

    Realistic expectation to make Top 8 after Turbo got injured? Not for me. As soon as he went down in SOO2 with his injury I had no expectation.
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    Seibs Going Right Off at Presser.

    "But Only the Great ones find Solutions and find a way and and meet Expectations or over achieve Expectations" - you could argue Bozo that Manly have done just that in the last 2 rounds. Did anyone expect them to beat the Panthers and Warriors? Did anyone think they would even get close to the...
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    Pre-Game Bulldogs v Manly [Round 26, 2023]

    Have a bad feeling about this game. Too many outs but if the effort of the last 2 weeks is there then we are a chance.
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