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  1. QLDSeaeagle

    Manly fans: Ever loyal but they will Never be good Losers

    No amount of quotes from long dead coaches, or jingoistic waffling about past players will inject desire into this team, or permanently repair our most highly paid and highly fragile player, it won't make Schuster into the million dollar player he reckons he is, it won't fix the management, BUT...
  2. QLDSeaeagle

    Manly fans: Ever loyal but they will Never be good Losers

    No amount of you crapping on about an american football coach will make the team play better, or make me feel better, you are farting into the wind, can't hear it can't smell it.
  3. QLDSeaeagle

    2023 ... players in trouble ..breaking

    Oh really, ever heard of Abe Saffron (The Teflon Gangster)
  4. QLDSeaeagle

    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    Hmmm, whatever rocks your boat BOZO. Saw the fatman on TV tonight no weight loss apparent.
  5. QLDSeaeagle


    Well I thought I was an optimist, but lead on Red Pill.
  6. QLDSeaeagle

    SOO, Jake, DCE, general discussion

    Nah, it was for repeated infringements and we are all waiting for Kaufusi's Elbow.
  7. QLDSeaeagle

    Can we beat a top 3 / 4 side?

    My internet crapped out with 8 minutes to go, came back with 1 to go. I nearly cried. Its a cruel game, I went to the fridge for a beer and was staring at the one's at the back, when the child bride walked in and said " the ovens on the other side of the kitchen honey, that won't work".
  8. QLDSeaeagle

    Pre-Game Manly v Warriors [Round 13, 2022]

    Can't really blame Des for not selecting either of theses blokes as Workers have been very ordinary up until today ,their first win.
  9. QLDSeaeagle

    The NO LOOK pass poll.

    Well here's a clue, Shu Walk past the Pie Shop, Shoo.
  10. QLDSeaeagle

    The NO LOOK pass poll.

    Shu has no clue whatsoever where his no look pass is going, So the oppositions guess is as good as our blokes.
  11. QLDSeaeagle

    Season Over?

    Inspiration away mate, I will never give up, after 52 years and watching 1300 odd games, you win some you lose some, players, coaches and management come and go. But its US the fans that have longevity. Beating the Storm 40-0 in 2008 was possibly the best sporting day of my life, that game was...
  12. QLDSeaeagle


    Hear, Hear, all power to you, this season will pass, just like the last 52 seasons I have supported this team, New faces will come and go, but, The Sea Eagles are for ever.
  13. QLDSeaeagle

    This is a bottom 4 team

    I posed this question to my son during the game, he thought for a few seconds and said "isn't it traditional to send dud coaches to the Dogs"
  14. QLDSeaeagle

    This is a bottom 4 team

    That sounds sensible, so Des won't do it. Des must use this as a building year and every young player coming through should get game time.
  15. QLDSeaeagle

    This is a bottom 4 team

    Needs to bypass the pie shop, fat and slow, are you serious "Needs to get fit" He needs to stop eating.
  16. QLDSeaeagle

    ‘Show respect’: NRL’s message as Hasler, Manly face $25,000 fine

    I worked for many of these blokes, they are churned out by the dozen by minor private schools, they live for the sound of their own voice, expressing their opinion. I did the good job, they grabbed the credit.
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