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  1. Heckenberg

    Thompson and Sirro 2020

  2. Heckenberg


    The sea eagles don’t have a systemic drug or alcohol problem. Nor does the nrl. Australia has a systemic drug and alcohol problem.
  3. Heckenberg

    Sirro, Jack & Burbo in Blues squads

    He’s pretty underrated. Kinda agree that he’s in line for a pay rise and maybe surplus to our needs.
  4. Heckenberg

    Roosters $$$ closet could be opened

    Cronk is retired. Wouldn’t have much to spit about.
  5. Heckenberg

    [Resurrected] Favourite Manly player

    And the snake
  6. Heckenberg

    [Resurrected] Favourite Manly player

    AFB, Matai, Beaver, Jake T, Cliffy
  7. Heckenberg

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    think that was a while back.
  8. Heckenberg

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    I personally think black is quite desirable
  9. Heckenberg

    NRL State of the Game Survey

    Nah this is great. I like that they encourage people to get an education so they can find some sort of purpose post playing career. Not everyone can be a sideline commentator.
  10. Heckenberg

    Storm Brewing?

    character reference inbound
  11. Heckenberg

    The 2020 NRL Comp and where we fit

    My ****ty home job 40-0 tattoo is still the best decision I ever made
  12. Heckenberg

    Bring back ‘Up the mighty Sea Eagles’

    eagle rock is way more "ours"
  13. Heckenberg

    2020 recruits (just dreaming)

    Cant see him leaving the chooks. Think they just extended and upgraded him too.
  14. Heckenberg

    SEA EAGLES 2020......

    Mentioned this in another thread. I reckon he would fill that role great. If he can add hooker to his arsenal he would be the perfect bench utility/impact. High intensity and covers multiple positions.
  15. Heckenberg

    VERY interesting

    We have signed Thurston as our halves coach
  16. Heckenberg

    Brayden Musgrove

    didnt we just re-sign jorge ?
  17. Heckenberg

    Non-Manly Games [Finals Week 2, 2019]

    king gutho
  18. Heckenberg

    Dessie blowing up deluxe

    There was literally two instances in that one passage of play that could’ve been professional fouls if the ref wasn’t too much of a pussy to only make the tough calls on us and not them.
  19. Heckenberg

    Game Day: Manly v Souths [Finals week 2: 2019]

    Is that the dragon he’s chasing ?
  20. Heckenberg

    Three most hated teams

    Eels. Storm. Raiders. Roosters.
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