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    [Resurrected] Lol @ Parra

    I want to get excited but I can't. They currently have the same amount of wins that we do and when we play Brisbane in a couple of weeks, the odds will be that we will be on the end of a similar result. Their form is not that bad. Before the Storm match 8 days ago, our form was very poor...
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    Does Burbo cement a Top 17 spot in 2023 ?

    There was a bloke called Glenn Stewart that spent 4 years playing only 19 games in the top grade and did not become a regular until he was 23 years of age. Plenty of time for Burbo to still become a champion.
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    RELEASED WTF? - viliame fifita and alec tuitavake

    Exactly! And keeping Olakau’atu happy is very, very high on our list of priorities!
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    Club News 2023

    Broncos then?
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    I get all of that, especially your point about Gould. In my opinion though, I find Warren Smith to be an absolute bore & I prefer to deal with the idiosyncrasies of the 9 team (except for JT) then listen to nothing-ness of WS.
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    I get that people are put off by the personalities of the 9 commentators, but they offer so much more insight than Warren Smith. Sometimes you might not like that insight, but it gives you so much more to think about than the constant cliches offered by Smith. We are all different so I get...
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    Morgan Harper I like this. Brown is not life-changing but Morgan is excess baggage I feel. We need an experienced fringe forward more than a fringe outside back.
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    NRL teams training facilities.

    Gold Coast had one of the original state of the art facilities. But in true Rugby League fashion....
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    The Samuela Fainu thread ..

    .... and the Army camp. Every single Manly article bangs on about the experience. There is an obsession about it.
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    Pre Season Competition
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    Sack Seibold.

    Also Steve Hales who apparently has a very strong relationship with all the kids that the Fultons imported into the area at a young age. We owe Des so much. Don't know where this club would be without him but I think he became way too stubborn in his ways. I get wanting to control everything...
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    Especially when a large chunk of this increase needs to also cover the increase in the minimum wage. If you have say 7 players on minimum wage, your $1.2m increase is then already down to $710k due to having to cover your players on the minimum! Possibly plus a few others also that are on...
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    Taupau Looks like we are safe....
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    UK Cricket fans

    yeah, heard those prices were horrendous.
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    UK Cricket fans

    Always a better chance in the ballot for the Test at The Oval instead of the Lords test. Think Oval ballot is still open?
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    Broncos legend says Manly has been 'sucked in by Seibold's psycho-babble'.

    Exactly my thoughts when I read this article.
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    Trbojevic ‘losing patience’ with Manly

    What decision? He then finishes with getting back on the field for Manly. Flog off Weidler!
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    How was this legal even in 2007?

    Penrith last night reminded me of our steely resolve in 2008 which I believed was partly generated by this incident.... Imagine how many weeks he would have got for that tackle in 2022!
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    How much is that halfback in the window ?

    Imagine if we didn't have Matthew Ridge at the time and Ivan Cleary ended up being a career Manly player!
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    Pre-Game Raiders v Manly [Round 24, 2022]

    Was kind of thinking the same thing myself. A loss will hurt but at least there will be a silver lining!
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13 7 6 -7 16
12 6 6 -66 16
12 5 6 -18 15
12 5 6 -26 15
13 6 7 52 14
12 5 7 -49 14
14 6 8 -65 12
13 5 8 -94 12
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13 3 10 -67 8
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