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    2018 Rumoured and confirmed signings (NON-DISCUSSION THREAD). The Lurker has a rumour that Marika Koroibete could be on the move back to the NRL as early as this year. With Jorge on the...
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    2008 Tooheys New Premiers Case

    Hi guys, I have an unopened 2008 Premiers Tooheys New case. I'm moving, and it's just been sitting in my cupboard collecting dust since 2008. So it needs a new home, with another big Manly fan. Obviously the beer is no good anymore, so it's just for memorabilia. There is a small dent on one...
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    Prop Signing?

    If all the young and inexperienced props step up, and King and Lawrence stay injury free then happy days. But you're banking on a lot. I know Manly have turned a lot of unknown players into quality 1st graders, but it doesn't guarantee that these blokes will be instant successes. We have space...
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    Prop Signing?

    Joe Galuvao probably doesn't want to come back for another year. He retired for a reason, and he is probably very happy with his decision. I'm sure he was the first person Manly spoke with. I have no problem signing O'meley for a year if he comes cheap enough and isn't guaranteed a spot in...
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    Anyone have a Wolf injury update?

    That's awesome news! I don't care what anyone says, Williams is a quality winger and we don't have enough depth in any position to be comfortable losing senior players for the season. Hopefully both he and Matai will be right for round 1.
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    Steve Menzies to make comeback for Sea Eagles

    I'm surprised Watmough isn't in the squad. I thought he'd do well in the 9's, plus he has been the face of the whole 9's concept for our club. I also thought Berryman would be there, see seems extremely quick and elusive.
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    Broncos unlikely to secure DCE

    Richie's $130K can't just get thrown around anywhere. His departure has left our 25 man squad with 24 players. Someone has to come in that will chew up the majority of that $130K even if it is a junior. As for DCE's "threats", if you're value on the open market is now $1 million per year and...
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    Don’t let my brother walk away

    Obviously it would be great to see him play out his career at Manly, but something has got to give. Unless the salary cap changes to help us keep long term players, we will have to lose some of the senior guys. Our halves are now top tier players commanding top tier money and they need to be...
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    Sea Eagles Love Their Cherry

    It sucks seeing great players leave, but unfortunately that's they way of life with a salary cap. The fact is DCE and Foran are our number 1 priority, daylight 2nd. We can build a team around these 2 for the next decade, but unfortunately that will cost us some great Manly legends in the...
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    2013 GRAND FINAL Manly Sea Eagles v Sydney Roosters Game day thread

    We were missing Snake in the first game as well. It has to be said that when we were missing Foran they also had Maloney out.
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    Ah good one, just noticed how I phrased it.
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    Richie out with broken neck

    Horrible news for Richie! Here's hoping he recovers and can make a come back next year. We'll miss him on Sunday against their big pack.
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    Was at the last 3 GFs, but can't afford this years higher prices at the moment. So I have a spare AAN. Want to see as much maroon and white as possible. First PM gets it.
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    Late Mail - Snake to miss game?

    I don't like this over confident attitude some are showing about tonight. We are obviously deserved favourites for the match, but the sharks will give their all. They are a tough side with plenty of talent across the park, and are more than capable of upsetting us if we go in under done or with...
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    Broncos' Dessie Bid

    I am obviously no fan of the Bulldogs or Hasler, and would find it very funny if he screwed over the dogs. But having said that, who the hell do the Broncos think they are? They seem to believe that just because they have a poor season they can have who they want when they want. I don't for a...
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    Tooves - injuries

    The injury list on the club's website had Joe listed as out for the season earlier in the year, it then changed to indefinite a little while back, and now he is not listed at all. What a boost for the finals if it is true!
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    Brookie Hill roped off section?

    I saw that, it was at the Souths game. A bloke trip as he was walking down the hill, as he was trying to regain balance he picked up a lot of speed until he finally fell and landed on someone pretty hard. The person he landed on got carried off on a stretcher with a neck brace.
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    2013 Rumoured and confirmed signings.

    Why would a week with a couple of Broncos players make him want to leave a team and team mates he has been with for 4-5 years? I think the only thing that would get him to leave Manly is a significantly larger pay packet. Regardless, he is contracted to Manly for another couple of years, why...
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    Cherry's future position

    It's a great idea.... We just have to get Cuthbertson back to play wing, then move Taufua to fullback, Stewart to 5/8, Foran to Halfback, and DCE to lock. Lawrence is quick too, so we can throw him on the other wing :rolleyes: Or we could keep them in their preferred and best positions...
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11 7 4 88 18
13 9 4 81 18
11 7 4 24 18
13 8 5 87 16
12 7 5 15 16
12 7 5 -50 16
12 6 6 -10 14
11 5 6 -31 14
11 5 6 -67 14
12 5 6 -18 13
12 5 6 -26 13
13 6 7 52 12
12 5 7 -93 12
11 3 8 -42 10
13 5 8 -90 10
12 3 9 -59 8
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