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    Spud urges Manly to use Storm tactics

    I've changed my mind - ban the mofo
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    Watmough a 50/50 chance of playing

    Agree, let him stay - how else are we to fire up Ryan?
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    Open Letter to Gallop

    Nice Cliffy.
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    keys to beating the storm

    Yep, it's all about the forwards. We got smashed by them in the GF because their forwards were all over us, therefor we could never get in good field position.
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    Brett Stewart - SOO 1

    He just keeps on getting better and better. Simply outstanding tonight - scored one, set up another, and could have easily scored instead of LaRapist. Excellent match - completely outduelled Slater.
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    Goal kicking woes

    I agree with you DSM5 - his sideline kicks are rubbish. He's not excatly Ridge, is he? I don't think 70% is good enough either. And the line drop outs were embarrassing. I repeat the claim that this will be the difference between us winning a big game sooner or later.
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    Goal kicking woes

    Watched us beat the Dogs last weekend and a couple of other games too from London (thank you Setanta Sports!) - why is Ox still kicking? I do not have any confidence in him at all - it's only a matter of time until we lose a game due this. Why isn't Lyon kicking???!!! Didn't he kick a zillion...
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    The game yesterday

    Guys, being in London, I missed it - was the Beaver to 5/8 move a success? Should Lyon remain in the Centres?
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    Todd Carney Combined Mega Thread

    Deadset sign him up.
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    In terms of work ethic, motivation, and respect from the players, I really think Des is just about top of the pile. I'm more circumspect in terms of game tactics and strategies. But this is where the rest of the coaching staff should come in.
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    Shearer's wife lost to cancer

    Best wishes to him and his family. A terrible tragedy. Rowdy was one of my all time favourite players and a major reason why I decided to follow Manly in the late 80's. One of the best fullbacks of all time.
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    Druggo No1

    I'm sorry but there is no way you can have Hindmarsh on that list ahead of BK and Beaver, and that is not even bias. What has Hindmarsh ever won for his club? Nothing. Beaver and BK are winners. Yes I know that Elias, etc never won titles, but I don't think Hindmarsh is as great as everyone...
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    Willo at 9?

    Has anyone ever seen Willo pass? I'm serious here. I cannot actually ever remember him passing once he received the ball. That's why he gets creamed so often by the defence - because they always know he's just gonna run right at them. My brother and I have a longstanding joke - basically as soon...
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    2008 Top 8 Predictions

    Storm Manly Cowboys Warriors Eels Roosters Broncos Souths
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    Yep, bring back the days of the Maori-Warringah Sea Eagles. There must be some more Iro brothers out there, surely? Although i would definitely take another Innes and Ridge.
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    NRL Grand Final in Paris, and contrasting GF coaching/playing strategies

    I watched the GF in Paris at Cafe Oz (in attendance with a Parisian bird, but that's another story...). There were quite a lot of Manly fans in there actually, was great to see. Big ups to the 2 guys who painted their shirts with Manly names and colours, if you guys are out there. At half-time i...
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    Backrow depth

    Crusher signing on for 2008. Whilst I agree that a backrow of Choc, Stewie and Beaver is up there with any in the Comp, I'm a little concerned that we still need more cover in this position to compete in the big games. I still think we are are one dynamic backrower short (and no, as much as I...
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    Semi Final Venues

    What on earth was the point of the WArriors, Cowboys, Dogs or Eels even playing last week. NEither result mattered, and is often the case with these 1st rnd games. Absolute pointless, but I have been saying that for years.....
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    Nonu article

    He is as scary as the Predator. And that's scary.
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    All over for Ridgey

    Classic Gronk, classic. Ridge is probably my 2nd favourite player of all time, after Beaver. He did absolutely everything, and was pivotal to our success in the '90's. Not to mention one of the greatest goalkickers of all time.
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11 5 6 -31 14
11 5 6 -67 14
12 5 6 -18 13
12 5 6 -26 13
13 6 7 52 12
12 5 7 -93 12
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