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    MembersGuru changed hands

    You've been a champ since the day you started Larissa...truly a well deserved promotion...congrats
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    Goodnight and good luck TRex.

    RE: Trex tonight Never bagged a Manly player in my life except that git Ribot but I for one will be happy to never see she rex put on the maroon an white again...he's all yrs De$...
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    Be proud!!

    Loved those sentiments Komori...well said mate...thanks to all the boys for another season...roll on 2013
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    Jamie Lyon appreciation thread

    I've followed this great club since 66 and i'm hard pressed to think of another centre we've had, that oozes the class of Killer,always preferred Bozo at 5/8 but i've got him up above O'connor,Branighan,Cracker Mcdonald,..sheesh the list goes on He's a bleeding champion ,thats for sure...come...
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    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly report - WCC

    how good is Choc...never stops trying....
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    Rugby League books

    Seeing the above post is ol school and speaks of Bumpers book...another oldie that was great was Ian Walshs book...back when the biff was the norm...i do hate the dragqueens tho
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    Bon voyage MWTS and The Sea Eagles

    Ditto from me guys and girls...rug up...have a few warming pre game toddies and enjoy the footy....gonna be deja vu for the poor ol rhinos Steve
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    MembersGuru changed hands

    So well deserved've done a simply fabulous job since starting, and the many posts of congrats is a real testament to the hard work you've put in...well done and all the best with yr new promotion
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    Another g'day from me loiners...nice welcoming post mate..wish i was going but am sure you'll have a fab time with the MWTS.. Enjoy drinking with the group and lets hope its a great game... I'll go 24-8 to the mighty Eagles
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    Final run down on WCC Tour

    Just a quick note to wish all you lucky guys and gals a fantastic trip away to watch us belt the poor ol Poms.... I'm sure Mark has done his usual first class job of organising it well done to you Mr Tramby...such a pro at doing this and one truly top bloke.. That's it then..all come...
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    Snake is a champion!

    My favourite No 1 in over 45 yrs of following the club...sorry Wombat
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    Accomodation Manly Home Games 2012

    Do yourself a favour Earnie and get in contact with Mark...I can't speak highly enough of the terrific job he did with his grand final package... You'll get to meet a bunch of some fabulous Manly fans...everybody were so friendly and welcoming to me on my trip over from Perth for the GF... Go...
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    Idiots in the front office

    Just noticed Larissa chiming in again on a thread offering her assistance. It's something i've noticed on quite a number of threads since she joined the club...keeping us up to date on info and offering her help So i'd' just like to give her a rap for the wonderful job she's done since joining...
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    MWTS & Mr Tramby

    Just arrived back in Perth and have to also give a very heartfelt thanks to Mark and Chris..brilliant effort fellas and loved every second of such a well organised experience.... Too many of the travelling supporters to mention, but again thanks so much to you all for one of the best weekends of...
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    Judiciary - Matai and T-Rex

    RE: Matai and Trex free to play! That's just made my happy to see Skivvy fave player amongst a team of champions.... Watching Killer lift the bring it on
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    Jamie F***ing Lyon

    Aint that the truth..he's freakish
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    Vidmar Gone

    I can't speak highly enough of a favour Bob did for me over this past week....yr a champion mate...heal up well buddy and thanks Bob Steve from Perth sent you an email
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    List details where your tickets are for this Saturday 10th Manly v’s Cowboys at SFS

    [hey fluffyy...steve here from perth mate...yep u bet ill make myself still a skinny ol bloke and can still get into my 72-73 jumper...tho also the 87 one too...will see on the day... want to thank you buddy for yr old man is gonna have to watch this one from up...
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    List details where your tickets are for this Saturday 10th Manly v’s Cowboys at SFS

    Emailed you Bob and you just made my day ... just want to give you my heartfelt thanks mate... Will look forward to meeting up with you roll on Sat.. Thanks again Bob...yr a champ
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11 7 4 139 18
11 7 4 88 18
13 9 4 81 18
11 7 4 24 18
13 8 5 87 16
12 7 5 15 16
12 7 5 -50 16
12 6 6 -10 14
11 5 6 -31 14
11 5 6 -67 14
12 5 6 -18 13
12 5 6 -26 13
13 6 7 52 12
12 5 7 -93 12
11 3 8 -42 10
13 5 8 -90 10
12 3 9 -59 8
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