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  1. gomanly

    MVP: Rd 5 v Knights

    How does Tuilagi get 1 point? He’s one of the laziest (possibly unfit) players on the field.
  2. gomanly

    Emblem Upgrade

    I’m overall happy with how our new jerseys look, however, I think we are long overdue for an emblem upgrade. The current one looks tacky and a bit cartoonish. There a lot better opportunities for different apparel to be sold with a classier, simpler looking emblem. For mine the something of a...
  3. gomanly

    Anthony Seibold - Manly coach. "Official"

    Good article, let's the reader form their own opinion with actual sources cited. Leaves me with some level of optimism that Seibold knows what he is doing (despite previously being our defensive coach and leaking a squillion points under TBaz). Looks like communication is his biggest issue so...
  4. gomanly

    New Coaching Team

    The only Fulton I would keep around is Zac
  5. gomanly

    WORST jumper evar ..Dolphins ..

    It looks good, who doesn't like strawberries and cream??
  6. gomanly

    Manly in Crisis (a mega thread)

    Funny how a group of certain people in the media are filling in the blanks, all connected to one family at the club. Obvious where the leaks are coming from.
  7. gomanly

    Steve Matai hit

    I thought it was Craig Wing getting dragged against the Roosters at the SFS.
  8. gomanly

    Where Eagles Dare to Tread

    I sat through 15 cringeworthy minutes and concluded 2 things; Pascoe is pretty uninspiring as a CEO and that team is the most micromanaged group of players in the NRL. Absolute hard no for us to do something similar.
  9. gomanly

    DWZ to Warriors - stroke of luck for us?

    The Warriors have years of mediocrity ahead while Brown is in charge and signing overrated players like DWZ.
  10. gomanly

    Game Day: Knights v Manly [Round 12, 2021]

    I like the Funa to FB and Tommy to 6 option otherwise it would be croker to 6, Lawton to 9 and Benny Turbo to debut?
  11. gomanly


    Had an absolute gutful of this bloke and his churlish behaviour. All he is going to achieve is encouraging parents to take their kids to soccer, AFL and union.
  12. gomanly

    What is going on in Schusters head?

    He has potential to turn into a rocks or diamonds type of player (in the SJ or Benji mould), hopefully Des gets consistency out of him.
  13. gomanly

    Game Day: Dragons v Manly [Round 3, 2021]

    Should’ve given Des 4 years, why stop at 2. Seriously what fkn rabble
  14. gomanly

    Congrats boys

    We must have been watching different games. We were woeful. Our backs are some of the worst in the competition, there is no hunger in our attack. We do not threaten the line in any way, it’s like we just amble up waiting to finish the set to hand the ball over. These pathetic half end over end...
  15. gomanly

    The Elephant in the room

    des under the pump, not at all surprising! Wayne Bennett on a 2 year deal will make me happy.
  16. gomanly

    The Elephant in the room

    There’s an article just posted on the daily telegraph website...behind a paywall
  17. gomanly

    Dylan Walker

    Like a fly to steaming pile of dog ****
  18. gomanly

    Reynolds at it again.

    You've got to be joking, right? This woman has zero credibility and is the one who should be on trial.
  19. gomanly

    RIP Grant Goldman

    Truly a sad day. No other voice booming over the speakers at Brookie will be more iconic than his. RIP, Grant
Team P W L PD Pts
11 7 4 139 18
11 7 4 88 18
13 9 4 81 18
11 7 4 24 18
13 8 5 87 16
12 7 5 15 16
12 7 5 -50 16
12 6 6 -10 14
11 5 6 -31 14
11 5 6 -67 14
12 5 6 -18 13
12 5 6 -26 13
13 6 7 52 12
12 5 7 -93 12
11 3 8 -42 10
13 5 8 -90 10
12 3 9 -59 8
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