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    Eddie Jones

    With Eddie Jones now sacked as England rugby coach I would not be surprised to see him pop up at Manly. Let me put 2 and 2 together (and probably get 5)… 1. Seibold was his assistant at England for around 18 months so has a relationship. 2. Jones has previously stated a desire to coach in the...
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    Round 1, predicted games

    Top of the League. It’s our year! 😂
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    Players for next year.

    Might just fall outside the 3 years but it’s dumb that we allowed Barrett to let Hynes walk away.
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    Suli being circled?

    I seem to be in the minority here but I like Suli and hope he stays. I also fear his departure could unsettle some other players like the Fainu's, Schuster and Olakua'tau as they are all best mates. I wouldn't be surprised if clubs circling Suli also see this as an avenue to lure the others...
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    Tim Simona - any news on his playing status

    I understand your point but what about the likes of Zane Tetevano, Matt Lodge, David Fifita, Nelson Asofa-Solomona etc who have arguably carried out worse crimes than Simona. He made a mistake but haven't we all. I'd give the bloke a second chance be it at Manly or elsewhere as he's paid a heavy...
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    Shaun Johnson

    In a weird kinda a way I hope this Taupau talk is true. Would be hilarious! If he is dumb enough to be so disillusioned with Manly and favour a move to Parra then he’s beyond help. I doubt it’ll happen but there are some really dumb people in this game!
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    Shaun Johnson

    Please explain! How the f**k can Cronulla sign yet another marquee player when: 1. I realise the my have released Holmes BUT it was part of his release that he must return to them if NFL doesn’t work out next year so don’t they have to keep that money available or take that clause away? 2...
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    Worst Big Name Signing

    James Leuluai. Spent most of his career carving it up in England and scored 14 tries in 29 games for New Zealand. Arrived in Australia with a reputation as the best centre in the world and after 5 games was exposed as one of Manly's worst ever signings...and rarely seen again.
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    Wacko's Whispers re: D Walkz

    If you believe the rumours we’ll have Monas, Donny and the Tea Lady in the backline next season! Relax, Des have proven that he knows what he’s doing!
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    Who replaces kelly ?

    Excuse my ignorance but where has it been said that Will Hopoate is even a chance of returning or the Dogs are keen to do business?
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    Eagles and Des must fix two broken Turbos

    I love how bulls**t stories start with “There will be the usual denials”! Sure, they got on great with Trent but they aren’t peanuts. He might be a mate but they’ve loved Manly their whole lives and when and where is Trent getting another head coaching role? I also have it on good authority...
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    [Resurrected] Marty's rumoured wanderings thread

    Hi all... I may not be the brightest spark but I can't understand how rival clubs (especially Roosters for heaven's sake) are circling Marty Taupau like we are led to believe. As I understand we were apparently a few hundred over and seeing we have already let Darcy Lussick go who was on a...
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    2018 Top 30 Squad

    Sorry but couldn’t resist this mate! If the NRL learn to count will you learn to spell? Is it passed or past? Haha
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    1st penalty vs Tigers was not a penalty

    I think we can expect to receive very little favours (in fact be treated poorly) while we stand up to Greenberg in the salary cap saga. The game is run by crooks unfortunately!
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    This year is the first time I've stopped watching games!
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    "Studs up grub": Slater mega thread

    In other news, water is wet!
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    Brett Kenny

    Hi mate, Brett lives near me on the nsw central coast & I saw him in fine shape a week or two ago at the local supermarket & again a few days later at a cafe. He’s still going through treatment I believe but looks to be doing ok for now. Fingers crossed for him. He’s a top fella & was one of my...
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    oh we go....again

    The refs decide it every year! The NRL will want Thurston to have a fairytale farewell so cowboys for me. Parra have also been ‘looked after’ during & since their cap rorting so don’t write them off either!
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    The Joel Thompson Thread (Any Off-topic discussion will be deleted)

    I was born in Forbes. Great town and even better people! Nice to have a Magpie in the maroon and white!
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